The Paws That Refresh Us: A Series of Unfortunate Events - page 2

This afternoon, as I was saying hello to the newest resident of my assisted living facility and getting slobbered on by the ancient Bassett hound she'd brought with her, I was reminded of an incident... Read More

  1. by   FranEMTnurse
    i loved this story too, marla. it gave me my chuckle for the day. oh the enjoyment our pets give us.
  2. by   hello121
    Animals do make such a difference in our daily lives, I know first hand because I have a trio of my own
  3. by   twinkletoes53
    I couldn't stop laughing at your article. I've always had dogs. Currently I have three small, older ones. I have severe diffuse arthritis and dread the day that I won't be able to live by or care for myself. When I had my second knee replacement, one of my best friends went to my home and put my three critters in her van. Then she drove to the Rehab. facility I was in, put me in a wheelchair and took me outside to see them. I was so happy I just cried. She truly made my day.
    I've been in my home for over 20 years. It's a single level home, paid for, but not handicapped accessible. I climb 4 stairs to get into the house. When I had to use a power wheelchair for 2 months after another surgery I had, I scratched up my newly painted walls. Of course this couldn't have happened BEFORE I'd painted the interior of the house for the first time in over 15 years! I also scraped the wallpaper off the lower parts of the walls in my foyer. Halls weren't wide enough, plus I'd had about 2 minutes of instruction from the medical rental company on how to use my chair. The only reason I would move is to get into a handicapped accessible home, with wider hallways and no steps at all.
    I cannot imagine a life without my dogs. I was recently fired from a job I'd had for 34.5 years. At home, I have a 13 year old, 4.8lb. Maltese in heart failure, a 13 year old deaf Bichon Frise, and a 7 year old Lhasa Apso I adopted that was a rescue from a "Puppy Mill", and had been caged for 5 1/2 years. I told my friends, God must have known what was going to happen to me, and He said "Just what these dogs will need one day--a nurse with time on her hands!"
  4. by   cknowlton
    OMG........That Was Awesome.......And Well Written Thanks For The Smile And Laugh Today!!!!!!!!
  5. by   cknowlton
    In Regards To The LTC.with the animals
  6. by   ttmm2008
    Great article. You are truly an awesome story teller and a very good writer. You should put your stories together into a memoir or something. Seriously!! Looking forward to more posts from you.
  7. by   Hoozdo
    Your article made my day! What an entertaining read. You really should
    consider writing a book.
  8. by   shouldabeenabarista
    Very happy story.
    When my job gets to be just too much I will go down the halls and hang out with one of the many dogs and cats we have. "Our" pets are just as beloved as our people patients. I had one lady, whose pup was in family care while she was in the hospital, snicker and tell me "So I wonder if you all missed my dog more than me while we were gone!"
    Pets just make the world seem better.
  9. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    How hysterical! What a great story; Icould picture it are a very good writer! I, myself am responsible for sneaking pets in to see their owners before it was an approved activity/therapy. It helped that I worked 3-11's and weekends, when no administrators were around, and in small enough facilities where you could track the supervisors rounds and know she wouldn't be back for a while; plus I had several charge-nurses who would either help or agree to turn their back for a while. I had a pt. who was in the hosp for several weeks healing from a complication from surgery and he was soooo down; I arranged with his wife to show up at the back door with his two boxers, and oh! the reunion! I could've cried because not only was my patient happy, but the dogs wiggled themselves inside-out! But my best one was a sweet LOL who loved cats and had to "give them up" when she went into the nursing home. No, I wasn't able to get her cats, but I had a cat that had a litter of seven, and when they were old enough to be away from their mom a little while, I loaded them into a basket, which I brought in to my LOL's room, saying, "Mary, I have visitors for you!"...I dumped them into her bed with her, and she was so absolutely THRILLED. That's the kind of rule-breaking I used to love to do.

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