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State Survey all this week. - page 2

My facility is having its first survey while im on my 10 month as a new nurse was a CNA at the facility prior. I am needless to say nervous, I work 3-11 so they are pretty much wraping up when I roll... Read More

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    When my facility had our supervisors observe our medpass.. to prepare for state, I had a GT patient who had several meds.. I crushed each med seperately in each cup and stacked them on top of each other.

    I am one of the many who find the whole policy silly as all the meds mix in the stomach anyway..
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    Quote from milfordmom
    Really, each med in it's own medicine cup? What if they 7 or 8 meds, are you really going to carry in that many cups?
    We have residents who take 28 meds. I think the OP meant GTube meds in a separate cup