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My facility is having its first survey while im on my 10 month as a new nurse was a CNA at the facility prior. I am needless to say nervous, I work 3-11 so they are pretty much wraping up when I roll in, I know thats no... Read More

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    Our facility would freak out as soon as that time window opened up in which the state would come, they went on a rampage for months, going over things like crazy every day as if the state was just pulling up out front. I was SO relieved when the state finally did show! How's that for a change in perspective!
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    I wish my facility WOULD freak. I consider myself experienced since I've been in LTC for over 20 years, but P&P changes so often you never know what people are looking for. I have only been on staff at my present facility for 6 months. I too, work second shift and most times leave around 1 or 2am, due to charting, too few or lazy CNA's, or patients requiring more time. Many of us worry about the medpass in general. I think what bothers me most is the sequence of treatments. How would one handle someone who requires a CBG, insulin coverage...eye drops...inhaler...po meds...and or a possible prn pain pill. I was recently told now you have to don gloves when opening Depakote Sprinkle caps. Our in house inservices consist of many little topics I guess they expect you to remember and when you don't they can say you signed saying you did.
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    Quote from AngelRN27

    And yes, those small details are usually what they catch the "good" facilities on, but also remember to check yourself on daily habits, for example, EACH med must be in its own medicine cup
    Really, each med in it's own medicine cup? What if they 7 or 8 meds, are you really going to carry in that many cups?
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    When my facility had our supervisors observe our medpass.. to prepare for state, I had a GT patient who had several meds.. I crushed each med seperately in each cup and stacked them on top of each other.

    I am one of the many who find the whole policy silly as all the meds mix in the stomach anyway..
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    Quote from milfordmom
    Really, each med in it's own medicine cup? What if they 7 or 8 meds, are you really going to carry in that many cups?
    We have residents who take 28 meds. I think the OP meant GTube meds in a separate cup

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