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  1. 0 Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows if an LPN can hold a Staff Development position in an LTC facility. Fyi, I'm from Michigan. Thank you for any input you can give.
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    Where I teach, the staff development person is an LPN. As a matter of fact, most of the non-bedside nursing positions are LPNs (MDS, Unit managers, etc.)
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    Mappers...where do you teach at?
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    I have worked with many SDCs who are LPNs. There is no regulation to prevent it. In fact, there is no regulation that I can find that says the SDC even has to be a nurse!
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    Never worked in a SNF that had an LPN as a SD.
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    I was an LPN SDC for several years. As an LPN, I was also certified to teach the CNA course in my state.
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    I teach clinicals for a nursing school which are at a LTC. I'm fortunate to have been at the same one for 4 quarters now and I've gotten to know the staff well.

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