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    Does your LTC facility have monthly inservices, and if yes, do they require that per diems do them?

    By inservices, I mean either a meeting that you go to, or a ditto with a quiz if you can't go to the meeting.


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    Yes and no. We have weekly meetings. I go to the ones they post in advance. We do have self learning packets for some of them.
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    Yes. Everyone is required to suffer through the monthly inservices.
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    As a former nurse educator, I feel horrible when people have to suffer through the monthly inservices. We wouldn't teach our residents in a long boring drawn out manner, why would we teach our peers in this way. Learning can be fun!
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    Thanks for answers everyone! I work per diem at an LTC and they are chasing me for inservices, since I work there about once every 1-2 months I didn't realize they were mandatory. I've got some catching up to do!
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    Yes we have in-services all of the time. All employees of the facility whether PRN, part-time or full-time are required to attend if the in-service is for them ( i.e. CNA, licensed staff, etc.) and if the in-service has been made mandatory. The facility where I work has both mandatory and voluntary in-services.

    It depends on your facility.

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