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Ok, so last night, a patient on the rehab unit where I work coded. The aide that was calling 911 informed me just as I was returning from lunch (he had JUST coded) so I ran to the room to assist. I... Read More

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    Quote from Kevin EMT
    Over the years I've observed a less than professional relationship between prehospital care providers and nurses.
    I've noticed the unprofessional behavior at times, too. If you have time on your hands, feel free to click on the link below to read an older, enlightening discussion that I started a while back.

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    From my experience if a patient codes long enough or often enough they always end up with bleeds somewhere.

    We take up the majority of all OHCA's in our area and we see our share of traumatic intubations. I also see my share of fingers pointed at the prehospital care teams (in Belgium OHCA's are attended to by a ER nurse and ER doc from the hospital), but I like to start with the assumption they are capable at what they do. In the end that's the type of attitude I expect from others when they come into my ICU to respect and acknowledge my expertise in that area.

    Generally these traumatic intubation bleeds are self limiting and rarely have I seen gross amounts of blood being evacuated. What we see much more often during extended codes is diffuse pulmonary bleeding. When it finally seems we are getting the patient under control the ETT starts filling up with blood and there we go again .

    In the end we musn't forget that even a little blood mixed with saliva for example will look like a massive amount of blood. It could be just something simple like that.
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    Was it suction from the oral cavity or deep suction? How much blood are we talking about? Is it possible that it was trauma caused by the intubation? Maybe from pulmonary edema possible, not sure, can you provide any more information?
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    Kickenbck - it seemed like a pretty good amount of blood, but I'm not really sure how much exactly, they used their own suction machine and the canister went with them. As BelgainRN said, it may have actually been less than it appeared. It was deep suction.

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