Put on your fantasy hat!

  1. do you, like i do, fantasize when you are at work, "if only ______________________ , the residents/staff would be so much happier/healthier" ?

    we talk a lot about the harsh reality of our facilities. let's have some fun and fantasize about the most wonderful ltc facility we can imagine! what would it be like? add your description, as possible or as far-fetched as you want!
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  3. by   Spring_Peeper
    I will kick this off -

    My fantasy LTC has a winding path in a shape like a figure eight or a loop, where residents can walk or wheel past views of gardens, views of kids playing, views of animals grazing.

    The call bells sound like tree frogs!

    The staff all have palm pilot maps that show them where all the residents are in the building.

    The LNAs have walkie-talkies so they can call each other for help.

    The floors are soft enough so that no one breaks bones when they fall, and yet they are easy to keep sanitary and pretty.

    See how it works? Now add yours!
  4. by   SaraO'Hara
    Every CNA would have time to be sweet, nice, and patient with residents.

    Staff could read the minds of aphasic residents, and understand what they need.
  5. by   MS._Jen_RN
    Quote from Spring_Peeper
    I will kick this off -
    The call bells sound like tree frogs!
    We have this crazy call system in the unit I work on (hospital). There are hundreds of sounds and this is one of them. There are sirens, whistles, beeps, clangs, bells, and yes, even barking dogs. We have selected some of the more mundane noises, but it was fun to think what it could be like.
  6. by   911fltrn
    My nursing dream! No more Charting
  7. by   Antikigirl
    ohhhhhhhh yes, less or no charting, no falls allowed, smiling happy faces everywhere, a management that is employee and pt friendly, and everyone shows up on time and for their shifts no matter what because it is a pleasure!

    Oh yeah that and good snacks! LOL!
  8. by   CoffeeRTC
    I'm gonna be simple and wish for good lighting and bed cranks that work....maybe a few more electric beds/.
  9. by   squeakykitty
    A LTC that allows the residents to keep their animals with them, and plenty of kind caring compassionate staff, so that they get really good care. (Such as only 5-6 residents per CNA)