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Hi everyone I am a recent grad, and I've accepted a part time position in LTC. We had a placement in LTC in school, so I do have some idea of what it is like. I am looking forward to it. The... Read More

  1. by   Marie13
    Well, it looks better on your resume to have acute experience. I work in a SNF and it is my first job as LVN. I was so overwhelmed at first, but now I've learned to do things faster, time management (sort of), pretty much getting the hang of things. Even though I'm not "new new", I'm still learning things everyday, that is the beauty of nursing. Anyway, I feel so attached to my patients, when they have a change in condition, I feel for them and I want them to get better. I even feel sad that I'm not going to see them someday, either because they're in their late 90's or I'm going back to school :/
  2. by   joanna73
    As far as the resume goes, I feel that I can still sell myself. Jobs are scarce right now, and I have loans. This LTC was the best offer, and I grabbed it. I did my last placement on an acute floor, but that hospital is laying nurses off. Also, I did not want casual or temp only. I'll make it work somehow. The way I see it, geriatric experience is beneficial no matter what, since the entire population is aging. Plus I am going to a small town so I would be able to get some training in the hospital there also.
  3. by   itsmejuli
    I love my LTC job

    I work with a mix of residents from age 28 to 102, with diagnoses including dementia, stoke, CHF, COPD, and various mental illnesses.

    I use many of my nursing skills every shift. We often have people on IVs, we get trach patients, we have people with foleys.

    I will probably stay in long term care once I get my RN. Probably won't have any choice with the job market the way it is. Today I asked to be crossed trained into MDS for PRN. I'm going to make myself as marketable as possible.
  4. by   joanna73
    With your experience in LTC already, you won't have a problem to get an RN job there. LTC is not too difficult to find. Its all the other areas that are saturated right now. Many nurses seem to regard LTC as a last option unfortunately.
  5. by   agldragonRN
    i love my ltc patients but i hate the management. i get to know them really well and when something is "off" or out of the norm, i would know immediately and do my assessments and call md and get appropriate orders.

    i feel so appreciated by my patients when they tell me "oh you've been off two days, thank god you are back", or "i know i will get better because you are my nurse now" or "i won't take any meds from any nurse except you because i trust you"-(my bipolar patient), etc....

    i still do not understand why ltc nursing is looked down on. i use so many nursing skills and know so many meds and my time management and prioritization skills is excellent.

    good luck to you op and i hope you enjoy your ltc experience.

  6. by   joanna73
    Thank you Angel
  7. by   bethann27
    Any position will be what you make of it. If you can survive & thrive in LTC then any other nursing position you qualify for is completely doable. Many nurses have asked me "Why would you want to work in geriatrics? LTC? It is just to busy, to under staffed, to smelly, etc. etc." Sometimes I wonder if some "look down" on nurses in LTC because they feel threatened that others excel where they could not!