Please, It's a brief - not a diaper

  1. I've seen a lot of posters use the word "diaper", and although thats absolutely what it is, I was taught to say "brief", as it's a dignity issue to say diaper - and I have to say, I believe in this silly little word - I cringe when I hear someone say diaper.

    Just wanted to mention it, it's really horrible for some of these people who have to wear one, and calling it a brief saves them a shred of dignity.
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  3. by   cocoa_puff
    I agree, although I have found that patients/residents all have different names for their "briefs." Some call them depends, pampers, pull ups, diapers, disposable underwear...I just go with whatever the patient is comfortable with it being called.
  4. by   sorey
    I've been a CNA for 18 years when I first started we called them diapers and now they want them to be referred to as briefs. When I address my residents I call them briefs and some times a resident will tell me to just call it what it is a diaper. I agree with you 100% and when the residents tell me to call it a diaper I make a mental note of it. If they prefer them to be called diapers then between myself and that resident that is what I will call them. It's all about what they need and or want.
  5. by   WinterLilac
    Yeah I hate it called a Nappy (what you guys call diapers). We call them pull-up pads or wrap-around pads. Some residents refer to them as a nappy but we don't.
  6. by   GypsyNurse0503
    While I agree that "brief" is the most correct term to use, I still have to laugh at one experience I had with a former resident while toileting her: "Don't BS me, dear, and I won't BS you---call it what it is: a diaper. I started my first couple of years in one and it looks like I'm going end my life in one." Which, for someone with dementia who spoke in word salad most of the time, was not only a lot to say at once but also oddly astute!
  7. by   blackribbon
    Who are we kidding? They are diapers. Briefs are pull up disposable underwear. Changing the name doesn't change what it is or add dignity to an undignified situation. It is really kind of insulting like saying that maybe our patient can be fooled by the name. I will call them briefs but no, they are diapers.