The Paws That Refresh Us: A Series of Unfortunate Events - page 3

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This afternoon, as I was saying hello to the newest resident of my assisted living facility and getting slobbered on by the ancient Bassett hound she'd brought with her, I was reminded of an incident from my way-back days as a... Read More

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    Very happy story.
    When my job gets to be just too much I will go down the halls and hang out with one of the many dogs and cats we have. "Our" pets are just as beloved as our people patients. I had one lady, whose pup was in family care while she was in the hospital, snicker and tell me "So I wonder if you all missed my dog more than me while we were gone!"
    Pets just make the world seem better.
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    How hysterical! What a great story; Icould picture it are a very good writer! I, myself am responsible for sneaking pets in to see their owners before it was an approved activity/therapy. It helped that I worked 3-11's and weekends, when no administrators were around, and in small enough facilities where you could track the supervisors rounds and know she wouldn't be back for a while; plus I had several charge-nurses who would either help or agree to turn their back for a while. I had a pt. who was in the hosp for several weeks healing from a complication from surgery and he was soooo down; I arranged with his wife to show up at the back door with his two boxers, and oh! the reunion! I could've cried because not only was my patient happy, but the dogs wiggled themselves inside-out! But my best one was a sweet LOL who loved cats and had to "give them up" when she went into the nursing home. No, I wasn't able to get her cats, but I had a cat that had a litter of seven, and when they were old enough to be away from their mom a little while, I loaded them into a basket, which I brought in to my LOL's room, saying, "Mary, I have visitors for you!"...I dumped them into her bed with her, and she was so absolutely THRILLED. That's the kind of rule-breaking I used to love to do.

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