Is it OK to give baking soda and water to LTC patient without a doctor order? - page 3

Aren't we suppose to get a doctor's order for it before giving it?... Read More

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    Quote from cienurse
    I remember when I was in nursing school years ago (not telling when!) part of our pharmacology course had a section on grains, drams, and all that neat apothocary stuff! The exam was being able to convert from drams to ounces, ounces to milliliters, grains to milligrams etc. Do they even teach that anymore? I wasn't sure as I thought some pediatric doses were still given in drams-any peds out there please feel free to correct me!
    My school taught grains to milligrams and I graduated in 2012

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    You absolutely need an order to give baking soda and water. Your unit manager put their job and license on the line doing so without a doctors order, and I would report it. The only exception would possibly be if the family brought it in and gave it to the resident, but I would definitely chart that this was done so against nurse recommendation.... Nursing 101 - Cover Your Own @$$!

    At any rate, does your facility not have standing/pre-printed orders? Most allow the use of tums or maalox as needed per standing order for heartburn/indigestion.

    Now say the standing orders haven't been signed or your facility does not have any, then I would offer the resident milk provided they are not allergic and/or on any sort of dietary restrictions prohibiting such. Milk is high in Ca which is the primary ingredient in tums/rolaids. It works wonders for me and I have given it to several pt's with + effect. No need for a doctors order either ;-)

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