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Hello I graduated 1 year ago and just gt my first job. I just started orientation on a mixed unit 3 days ago. There are some rehab patients and some long term residents. I've been shadowing for 2 days and I have some moments... Read More

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    Hello Capecodemermaid,

    I am a new grad and I have had 4 days of orientation but only two of those days were on the floor with a charge nurse. I am considering leaving this position in an LTC, because it is very overwhelming and I do not feel safe passing meds to 32 patients without really having the opportunity to assess them or read and know their history. My question is even though I know these patients are not acute, how can sending a new grad with two days orientation be safe for the patients? I really did not get even get oriented to the paperwork or charting or the steps to take about contacting the physicians. Other nurses at the facility are kind, but they are also just trying to get their meds out, so many times I am alone trying to not freak out about taking care of all these patients. I just do not feel new grads should be given 30+ patients to start regardless of their training or the acuity of the patients. I see the nurses at the facility I work at passing meds that are not on the MAR to patients that just request it. How can we reasonably be expected to be familiar enough with the patients and medications to be able to make decisions about their care? When I ask other nurses their routine or how they check to make sure the drugs they pass are for the right patient they just tell me that they know the patient. The don't even take vital signs just to have a baseline of the patients. I personally as a new grad do not feel safe and fear that I could lose my license. I really do not know what to do because I know its difficult finding a job right now, but at the same time I want to acquire good nursing skills not just get the work done. I do not want to just copy nursing notes from previous nurses or vital signs from other nursing notes, like how one nurse told me to do when I asked for help with my charting. I really do not know what to do because I know I could stick it out and get the routine down, but is this really improving my skills as a nurse?
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    I agree with you capecodmermaid! As a new grad I came out of school with very few clinical hours. The first year of school we only did 12 5hr days a term. The second year we did 8 hours but only 12 days per term til the last term when we did 135 hours of preceptorship. In my case the preceptorship had nothing to do with my current job.

    I agree with Pixie who says that we all go through this but at times it is overwhelming! I pretty much get into a panic at times. This of course doesn't help because then I don't get anything done well.

    I know there are some who are confident right from the start and I think that is great for them! I however am not that way and just want to be a good, competent nurse!

    I don't know if it makes a difference but being older it takes me a bit longer to learn. I just have to jump in and do my best to learn.
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    1000 hours of clinical? Ha! I graduated 18 years ago when there were massive lay offs of nurses and they would barely let us do anything more than a bed bath in clinicals.

    That said in most new jobs you are going to feel totally overwhelmed at first because everything is new and different and you are the odd man out. A rite of passage that really never changes.

    Very glad to hear the OP rallied and is doing great.
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    Pixie........ I am a new nurse and when I start my first job next week I pray i do not have to work along side someone like you!!
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