1. 30 I've been a RN for 4 years, before that I was a Med aide and a CNA for 10 years working in the nursing home. When I became a RN I worked in cardiac critical care . A few months ago I decides to work in the nursing home part time due to I missed working with elderly. Well the Don left and I was ask if I would be interim DON for 30 days and I accepted, after 30 days I was ask to stay on as the DON. I thought sure ill try it I would like to make a difference right. Well I can positively say my POSITIVE ATTITUDE did change the morale in the building. I am very hands on and I have filled in every position from CNA to charge nurse and because of this I believe I gained their respect and trust. My staff has become very POSITIVE and really put our residents FIRST. I am so glad a took a chance and made a difference. I LOVE MY JOB
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    Thank you for the refreshing story!
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    I am so happy for you and your staff! Thank you for making such a huge difference
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    Yay for you! and your staff!
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    Thank you!!!!!! It was a challenge but I am glad I stayed. I am the type of person that has respect for everyone and I see myself as my staff's equal. I do not rule with iron fist , I am firm in what I expect from them but at the same time I do it with respect. I believe it starts with the higher ups Leading by example. The same things that I expect for them to do I also do my self. My first day I told them what I was bringing to the table (and kept my word) and then told them what I wanted from my staff. I'm just thanking the good Lord it's working out.
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    It's nice to hear a story like yours for a change. I wish everyone in management was like you.
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    What better way to motivate and educate than leading by example sets the tone. Congratulations
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    Nice to hear where Nursing is getting it right! A real leader teaches people they are so much more than they thought they could be. Keep Nightingale's flame burning bright. Congrats on a job done well
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    yay u. congrats on becoming the new DON.
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    congrats yayyyy for u.
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    That's awesome! It's always great to hear a good story! Congrats to u!
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    Good for you! I've been a DON in LTC for the last 14 years and I can honestly say that I still love getting up in the morning and going to work. There will be stressful days but, for the most part, the work is rewarding. I, too, am very "hands on" and love being out on the floors. Who wants to be stuck behind a computer screen in a lonely office all day? Not me!! We need more DON's like you out there. Thanks for taking the chance and keep up the good work!
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    I did MDS's for 10 years and loved it. Got a wild hair up my rear and got this crazy notion that I needed to prove to myself that I was capable of being a DON and thought it would look good on my resume as well. The plan was to go find a DON job, do it for ONE year and then go back into a MDS position or maybe find a regional MDS position.

    Well it's been over that ONE year - love my job - can't ever imagine going back to that lonely old closet they called an office and doing MDS's all day. Guess we are the lucky ones that find a job they actually like.

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