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    I've been a RN for 4 years, before that I was a Med aide and a CNA for 10 years working in the nursing home. When I became a RN I worked in cardiac critical care . A few months ago I decides to work in the nursing home part time due to I missed working with elderly. Well the Don left and I was ask if I would be interim DON for 30 days and I accepted, after 30 days I was ask to stay on as the DON. I thought sure ill try it I would like to make a difference right. Well I can positively say my POSITIVE ATTITUDE did change the morale in the building. I am very hands on and I have filled in every position from CNA to charge nurse and because of this I believe I gained their respect and trust. My staff has become very POSITIVE and really put our residents FIRST. I am so glad a took a chance and made a difference. I LOVE MY JOB
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    Thank you for the refreshing story!
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    I am so happy for you and your staff! Thank you for making such a huge difference
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    Yay for you! and your staff!
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    Thank you!!!!!! It was a challenge but I am glad I stayed. I am the type of person that has respect for everyone and I see myself as my staff's equal. I do not rule with iron fist , I am firm in what I expect from them but at the same time I do it with respect. I believe it starts with the higher ups Leading by example. The same things that I expect for them to do I also do my self. My first day I told them what I was bringing to the table (and kept my word) and then told them what I wanted from my staff. I'm just thanking the good Lord it's working out.
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    It's nice to hear a story like yours for a change. I wish everyone in management was like you.
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    What better way to motivate and educate than leading by example sets the tone. Congratulations
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    Nice to hear where Nursing is getting it right! A real leader teaches people they are so much more than they thought they could be. Keep Nightingale's flame burning bright. Congrats on a job done well
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    yay u. congrats on becoming the new DON.
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    congrats yayyyy for u.
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