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I have a question.... In your LTC facility how often do you document on your Medicare residents? What guidelines do you use? Do you do vitals on them every shift? At the facility I am... Read More

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    $218/day??? Ours is more like $300-350/day. We stay around 40% on the medicaid, the rest is private pay and medicare.

    Just because a denial is given does not mean we are going to start gathering and copying all the documents together "in case" we get a request for a demand bill. If and when it is needed, it will be done. Otherwise, it is a waste of valuable time, as we only get them once or twice a month.

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    I believe Eskimo elders find an iceberg.
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    at my facility all my pts are medicare (20-23 pts per night) and we have alot of admissions as sometimes we are there 3 hours after we should have clocked out.. we have to document v/s q shift.. and then chart according to dx. however our unit manager gave us a sheet to help keep our thoughts to what we should chart.. maybe you should see if someone has a medicare guidelines sheet for you.. ours breaks it down to each skilled dx, chf, hip fx, etc.. and lists all the things we should chart on.. it takes alot of time.. but it actually is really great in the long run.. that way the pt is adequately being cared for and any problems can be addressed quickly and efficiently..
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    This sounds awesome. I have been trying to get some charting guidelines just like you are talking about. Where I I get some???
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    We are required to do assessment on day shift for all our MCR pts and vitals every shift. Night shift just does a few short notes. We also have regulations for charting on pts receiving abx, recent falls or injuries (even if they bump their arm and get small skin tear, which happens a lot), new admits, etc. I am still trying to get everything done, and though I learned how to assess in school, I always worked at a hospital where the RN's were required to do all assessments. Anybody with advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hello CapeCodMerMAID:

    Re: Medicare Charting
    This is an unrelated aside....why do y'all feel the need to put (male) next to your name? Do we read your posts differently because you are a man? Nurses are nurses male or female and do we really need to differentiate on the basis of gender? ... When are we going to get over the 'male nurse' name tag..."

    I simply can not resist; but you have set yourself up for this reply; which I am sending with a big smile and laughing heart, not to be cruel at all.

    My question is, regarding your post:

    Does not your cyber-pseudonym used here indicate Your gender is female? Unless you actually are a male with a gender-switching cyber-pseudonym.... ????

    Okay by me, but "MAID" usually indicates female to the masses. So, you have done what upsets you when another has done such, oh how very human you are!

    If you go to your profile, options, there is a box to check whether or not you are female, male, or leave unchecked.

    If you pick one, then the little blue Male emblem or pink Female emblem is displayed by your cyber-name here on the forum.

    Hope you can see the humor in this. Gypsy.

    Who chose to reveal herself as a female here simply because "I felt like it" at the time I was checking boxes, not to indicate any female superiority or inferiority complexes!!!
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    huh? I chose my name not to extol my female gender but because my father used to call me a mermaid ...never wanted to get out of the water. I suppose if I had been a boy he might have called me a merman...merboy, but I doubt it.
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    Go to your MDS nurse and ask he/she if you can see the MDS manual. This book will help you greatly in your charting. Great way to increase revenue for your company. Take credit for what you do in nursing.
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    Charting and vitals on medicare patients every shift should be a BIG RED FLAG.
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    We have a medicare documentation flow sheet where we check off the assessment data. I.E. lungs clear ( check mark). We do vitals q shift and write a short nurses note. Thankfully we only have a few but I agree it is time consuming.

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