LTC Salary for new grad RN

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    I am not sure if this is the right place to post this thread. But I need help on tips to negotiate or talk about compensation in a LTC facility. I am a new grad and I have a meeting with a Director of Nursing next week. I was wondering what is the average salary for a new grad RN in this kind of facility.


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    I live in SC and I just got a job in LTC. It is a new facility and I am starting at just over 20/hr. This is 7a-7p. I thought it was a little low but I wasn't going to complain, I have had a difficult time even getting an interview. I was also told that I should get a raise within a couple of months.
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    As a new grad how much bargaining do you think you can do? We start new people at a bit more than 21/hr but I really wouldn't think a new grad would try to ask for more on a first job.
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    When I was a new grad I was thankful that someone would give me a job and orient me...course my first job as an RN was for under 8.00 an hour hehe.......
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    Me too Deb. At the best paying skilled facility...$8/hr. And when I went to work at the hospital I was making $10.68 per hour and thought I had it made!
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    That's right! I thought I was rolling in the dough when I hit that 12/hr! OMG! and if I was fortunate enough to get OT-Hallelujah! Now I am just happy to have health insurance I can afford!
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    To answer your question...I would not try to negotiate a pay as a new grad. If you are not happy with what is offered then don't take the job, but they will find someone who will and with things the way they are right now I would jump at the opportunity.

    Good luck with your decision.
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    I was just offered a job at a SNF and they offered me $30/hr as a new grad. I do live in the Bay Area California though. But when they offered me the position, I didn't even bother asking for a rate. I was just too excited they offered me the position!!!! As a new-grad in this economy, "We" are in no position to negotiate pay. You can try, but success is very slim. They may even look at you differently after. Take what you can to get your feet wet and get experience!!! As a new-grad, experience is far more valuable than any pay rate.
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    I live in MA and started at $22.10/hr as a new grad. I got my $0.61 raise last week... oooh!
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    I will try looking for RN job at snf facility around los angeles area.
    is it hard getting a job at snf? I will cry if I only get $20/hour,
    considering the pain and sleepless night I go through with my
    RN license. But some people get $ 8.00/hour???? It is not
    right treating a nurse.


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