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I am new at this new LTC. When I arrive, the nurses from the other shift don't want to give report and count narcotics. They are busy increasing their "socialization skills" with the other nurses and staff instead. I am glad that... Read More

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    I would think that it would be nice to get report and count over with so you can be free to do whatever else you want or need to do. Thats ridiculous. I'd get the DON since you cant touch the count until count. I'd also get the DON and start asking questions about previous shift as if I didnt get report.... thats when they'll ask you if you even got report and why not... If it happens enough times, something would get done.
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    I understand what you're saying. When I was new I was always worried about maintaining compliance. I was the only nurse for 46 people. I clocked in at 1430 and had things to do before the 1600 med pass which I had to start at exactly 1500 to be done within time. So that leaves 30 minutes to make the BM list, do the daily assignments for the aids, stock the cart (because heaven forbid it already be done), and wait for the offgoing nurse to give a PROPER report/count. Yeah right. I will not accept "everyone's ok" as report either, there is always somthing to report. Our time is so strictly regimented that I don't have time to waste waiting for someone to finish their private conversation. You get a 10 minute grace period into my shift to get things together, after that you start messing up my times. I have 120 minutes to pass meds to 46 people! With the addition of fingersticks, B/P's, apicals, and answering the phone that never stops ringing I gotta go. Lagging it talking, with the exception of emergency situations, gets that offgoing nurse working a double and me going to the DON. Besides there's always something to be done like careplans, PPD's, assessments, dressing changes, etc. Busy hands make light work.
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    Yes, it is annoying. I want to hurry up and get started and get my work done. Some complain that they have to stay overtime to do their charting. The fact is that if they would just "shut up" they could probably leave a lot sooner.
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    How about "hey, lets do report and count now so I can get started and out of your way if you want to chart?"
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    When I worked the floor as charge nurse for a unit and also my facility nurses do now, do not accept unit without report and count...period. At the start of your shift. If off going nurse was not ready to report/count with me, wouldnt start until they were ready.
    Counting your medications is very important. You dont want to find out 3 hours later in to your shift that someone didnt sign out for a narc. Then its on you to prove how, when, etc. it was given. What if they forgot to record it in NN or prn sheet. All they have to say is you accepted the cart. Then it is on you.
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