Love the idea of LTC...

  1. Years ago, I worked as a secretary in LTC. This is actually a big reason why I decided to pursue nursing. I *loved* working in the environment and developing long-term relationships with the residents there. I found it to be very fulfilling and rewarding to give them attention and love, especially the ones without family/visitors.

    So here's my question. Would you recommend LTC for a new grad? Why or why not? Also, what kind of responsibilities should I expect as an RN at a LTC facility? I am completely unfamiliar with what the RN's role is in this position since I will not have a clinical rotation in LTC.

    I long for a position where I can develop a relationship with my patients, and I realize that the hospital (mostly) is not the place for this, but I'm having difficulty convincing myself that as a new grad I can work in a position conducive to this (home health, LTC, hospice, etc.). I'd welcome suggestions.
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  3. by   CapeCodMermaid
    I hire new grads all the time. I try to start them off on the post acute unit since there are opportunities to get a variety of experiences there....IVs, gtubes, jtubes, drains, and especially assessment skills. We have people who are as ill as some of the people on a med surg floor. And, it's a smaller unit so each nurse has fewer patients.It's a great place to start your career.
  4. by   emptyboxcars
    Thanks for the feedback. I should clarify that my background comes from Assisted Living Homes and Nursing Homes...would these areas be a good fit for a new grad?
  5. by   CT Pixie
    Since nursing school and then an LPN floor nurse, all the RN's I've worked with in LTC were in supervisory roles. None were floor nurses unless there was a call out that they were unable to fill. Back in the day (when I worked as a CNA in the mid 80-mid 90's) ALL the floor nurses were RN's.

    In my LTC, my supervisor (RN) was a brand new grad with no previous healthcare experience. Two other new grad RN's were previously LPN floor nurses at our facility. They became supervisors once they went from LPN to RN. All did very well and are great supervisors.
  6. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Most of my charge nurses are RNs...99% of the nurses who work on the post acute unit are RNs.
  7. by   lumbarpain
    I had tried the hospital scene, found it very hectic(not that LTC isnt) and unrewarding. Also found that I never got to KNOW my patients and develop that certain connection with them while they are convalescing or permanently a resident at the facility.
    No matter......any resident that is there at the Home, assisted living, level 3, has the same thing going through their heads....will I ever get better and will I ever go back home. I think what you are doing is the most wonderful thing in the world. I did it for 17 years, but now are burned out more physically from it then mentally. Being new is a grand thing, everything is fresh and the experience is fulfilling. Its a tough job though, like any floor nurse position, dealing with the sick, critically ill, hospice patients, families is a challenging adventure. I wish you tremendous power and the ability to become what you want out of nursing. Just hearing that you love the specialty itself is a wonderful thing. The world needs more new grads like you who have a vision of their future. Good luck to you.

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