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I have just finished up getting my CNA certification and decided to do some volunteer hours at a local long term care facility to bulk up my resume (and due to the lacking jobs). The facility SEEMED pretty nice and well... Read More

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    Quote from joanna73
    I'm not impressed with staffing, but I love the elderly. I've been working LTC for 10 months and I just obtained certification in geriatrics. I would be happy to eventually move to psych or palliative care. I think it depends where you work.

    I had a REALLLLLLY bad personal experience involving psych facilities when a family member went to one for emotional problems. She has Celiac's Disease and requires a modified diet in order to eat without getting sick and no matter WHAT we did the staff at the facility REFUSED to modify the meals so she could eat. We even had her gastroenterologist call in to the facility and though they sent in a dietician they STILL didn't change her diet...we had to take her home in the end because she became so ill that she was sicker IN the ward that OUT because of her Celiacs! It was NUTS!!

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    When I was in nursing school, I heard all the horror stories, but not all of them are true! It really depends on the staff and management. It sounds like you found a bad place, unfortunately. When I first started in one nursing home, I had to constantly remind people that, while they may get to leave at the end of the shift, this is someone's home! No matter how overworked you get, or how down to feel, you can't take it out on the residents. It sounds like LTC needs someone like you! I hope you find a good facility, or can enact changes for the good in that building. Don't get discouraged, though!
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    Does anyone know the legalities of having to provide a gluten-free diet to a resident? I know that in schools, if they receive ONE federal dollar, they have to accommodate a child with celiac (or any medical disability or condition).
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    We provide a gluten free diet if one is ordered by the doc. We even have separate toasters so the gluten cootie crumbs don't touch the gluten free bread.
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    It highly depends on where you work. The facility I was an STNA at and where my mom works (different county) is good to both patients and staff. Family owned of course and the food is good too! . Now, the place I worked for 2.5 years out of school is also family owned, but is atrocious to staff and make pretty inexcusable cuts to drive profits up. In a place like that you'll burn out faster than a Fourth of July sparkler. Thank god I start my first hospital job soon.
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    No, it's not that bad. Nurses tend to grossly exaggerate when it comes to LTC. I think all those LTC nurses who wistfully pine for that hospital job.... have never actually worked in a hospital. It's nothing like clinicals. You get more than 2 pts for one thing.... spend a couple weeks on a med surg floor and then come back and tell me how bad LTC is.....
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    Not all facilities are like that. My facility doesn't allow cell phones, and we have to look nice. No tattoos, (they have to be covered), no dangly earrings, no pink/blue/ bright crayon red hair! Yes, they enforce all of these.

    The no cell phone rule really helps. I hate seeing people on their phones instead of caring for residents, but I am over 50.

    Anyway, I'd say find a new place to work. Sounds like you are 'old school' too, which is a very good thing! xo

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