Is this a complete MD order

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    The family member took her mom (ONE OF MY RESIDENTS) to the MD for a physical exam. She came back with an MD order as 1. Spiriva once daily.Now our policy says that an order that has a name of the medication, strenght, dosage and all the extras.
    I did rewrite the order to have all what is required as per our policy so that MD can just sign it.This MD called and screamed at me saying that i was questioning his order and what part didnt i understand, what school did i attend and that he was going to send me a bill for worsting his time as he charges for all his service.God in heaven , he said alot. He would not let me talk and he hang up.I know that spiriva come in strenght.The question my regional nurse can ask me is...Is it as needed or routine.Please help me out.Did that MD had the right to say what he said for me rewriting this order?
    Thank you

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    Incomplete order, no pharmacy would fill it writted like that.
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    Incomplete order, no pharmacy would fill it written like that.
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    The doc should know to write a complete order. It's his fault he had to take time to sign it if he wrote it incorrectly initially.
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    You were in the right.
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    Sounds like the doctor has an inferiority complex. He's a turd, you were right.
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    The order as written is not complete. The doctor needs to be told that any incomplete order will result in a call to clarify and complete the order. The complete order should contain medication, dosage, route of administration, time(s) of administration, and if PRN should also indicate that and include a reason (anxiety, shortness of breath, etc.). Remind the doctor that you are following facility policy and if he has a problem with the call, he is welcome to discuss it with the director of nursing. If he hangs up on you (as he did) notify your immediate supervisor. She/He should then call the doctor again to clarify the order.
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    You were right. Some physicians just have a "God complex" or so I like to call it, don't ever let them make you second guess yourself.
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    And here I always thought God has a doctor complex!
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    He was wrong, but I would never re-write the order. I would call or fax or email or whatever and tell him facility and pharmacy policy are that you need _____________ for a complete order. That is what I do to get what I need without the doctor feeling like I decided on the strength, freq, etc.
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