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The family member took her mom (ONE OF MY RESIDENTS) to the MD for a physical exam. She came back with an MD order as 1. Spiriva once daily.Now our policy says that an order that has a name of the... Read More

  1. 0 we learned in school, an order MUST have the correct time, route, amount, med, patient and diagnosis.

    ex: Spiriva, 18mcg cap, inhale 1 cap via handihaler, BID dx: COPD is what the prescription should read.

    The doctor was in the wrong. In my facility we always re-write the scripts that come in from outside visits. They have to be on our order forms for our pharmacy and signed by the facility MD anyway.

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    All nurses
    Thank you for you comments.This was in my mind alot, as I thought I was too much on going by the book. You nurse on allnurses you Rock.Thank you for making me feel good that I was doing the right thing.Happy Holidays.

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