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NEED SOME ADVICE I have been working at my facility for over two years now and my shift gets along really well,except for one lvn. She is constantly complaining about how she is the only nurse who does her job correctly. If... Read More

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    Thanks to all who have replied to this thread. We will try these tactics and
    see what works. One of the biggest problems with the problematic nurse is that,
    while she treats her fellow lvns and cnas like crap, she is a fabulous brownnoser
    with management. She is a profecient lvn. She passes meds quickly and is an
    avid charter, but she doesn't seem to have much compassion for her patients.
    I think she picks on those she knows won't call her on her sh**! As I said
    before she doesn't ride my butt. I'm just tired of her looking her nose down
    at my coworkers.
    My coworker that had a stroke is now a sub acute patient at my facility.
    Nurse X works on the snf side. She hasn't said anything else about my
    coworker and hasn't stepped foot inside her room. For that I am grateful.
    I think she's really unhappy with her homelife. She is in a loveless marraige
    and works 2 full time jobs. Maybe she is one of those people who only feel
    better when someone else feels worse. In any case, we have started documenting
    every incident of bullying and badmouting she does.
    Feel free to post about coworkers who cause trouble on this thread, and again
    Thank You.

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    Keep us posted.

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