Hourly rate for RN's, LPN's, CNA's in Your State

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    I was just reading a Thread fo Hourly rates for LPN's and realized that it was from 2000. I could not believe how low they were! So I'm from MA, I currently work in a Nursing Home I have Associate Degree in Nursing. My hourly rate for a shift 3-11 is 24.50/hr, On weekend is 25.25 as new grad. For LPN is 19.00/HR new grad. On Sep 8th I will be working in a Hospital and I will be making 28.50/hr 3-11shift and after 6months it goes up .50cents/hr. I think is pretty good considering that I will be considered as a new grad in Acute medical floor. I graduated in june of 2007, so I don't have any experience at all when it comes to acute.

    let me know your hourly rate and your state! Just curious!!!

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    Central Kentucky new grad RN $21.14 base, diffs: evening $1.50, nights $3.50, weekends $2.89
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    Albany, NY RN's starting 20.50/hr, with potential for bonus of $150-200/pay period (for working 40hr/week, not calling in sick, coming in late, etc.)
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    Central Florida area (ORMC)

    RN-BSN 21.20 RN-ASN 20.70
    Weekend Diff $3.40
    Nights Diff $8
    Weekend Only(Fri-Sun Reg Sched) Diff $12
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    For nursing homes in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas:

    RNs: $23 to $27 per hour
    LVNs/LPNs: $18 to $25 per hour
    CNAs: $9 to $12 per hour
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    In Portland, OR I make 14.46 as a CNA in a doctor's office.
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    Quote from Bibblela
    Central Florida area (ORMC)

    RN-BSN 21.20 RN-ASN 20.70
    Weekend Diff $3.40
    Nights Diff $8
    Weekend Only(Fri-Sun Reg Sched) Diff $12
    Rates in Central Florida have huge variations between years of experience & hospitals.

    I've seen anything from $24-$32/hr for 10+ yr experienced RN on day shift.

    New grads - $19-21.

    I'm hoping that the rate quoted for ORMC is a new-grad rate!! It's a great hospital...I hope they're paying experienced RN's better than $21/hr!
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    On the coast of South Mississippi:

    Keep in mind this is the base pay for a new, inexperienced worker in acute care, and I'm leaving out shift differentials...

    RN: $20/hr

    LPN: $14/hr

    CNA: $8/hr
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    I work in MA as a BSN in a LTC facility and I make $25/hr 7-3 and $28/hr for 3-11/11-7.
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    Anyone know what the base rate is for Virginia for LPN...Graduating April 2009

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