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How much does any LPN who works in upstate New York make an hour working in a nursing home passing meds?... Read More

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    I am from upstate New York and work for a wonderful facility. I am an LPN and I have been at my current facilty for more then 5 years. The starting pay for LPN's at our facility is around $12.75. However, the paycheck is not all of it. Be sure to check out the benefits. I have wonderful bennies - nice vacation time, sick time, holidays and a good health insurance plan that is nicely priced. I have noticed that some places in the area are currently offering 12 hours shifts.......just think you, only work 3 days a week. All in all not to bad.

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    It disgusts me how unappreciated the nursing profession is in some areas. Some of you that have posted are receiving great wages for an LPN, but the rest of you are getting the shaft. I can't believe some of you don't get paid more for the hard work that you do. I can really understand why people change careers or relocate.

    I work as a CNA in IL. The average starting salary is 8-9 dollars/hr. I work in a higher paying hospital and my base rate is $12.75/hr plus 10% afternoon differential and 15% midnight differential. Full benefits are given to those who work 20 hrs or more and anything over 8 hrs is time and a half (even without a 40 hr wk).

    I'm not sure what LPNs in IL make, but the average starting salary is 17-20 dollars per hour for a RN (this is for a new grad).

    The one place not to work is Indiana. A RN there only starts at $15/hr and CNAs only make around $7/hr. I don't know how much the LPNs make.
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    I am not sure where Rileycat got the information of wages for RN's and CNA's for Indiana. I work in Indiana and I know that RN's begin at about $18.00/hr, LPN's begin at $13.00-$17.00, and CNA's already certified begin at $9.00/hr. These are the wages I am more familiar with and these are for new graduates. I can't imagine working with any other population than geriatric. If you find a worthwhile facility that works together like a team that is worth more gold that the Yukon can provide!! I just wish that people that have not worked in our field would not judge the long term care industry until they have walked in our shoes and see how much we care!
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    For NurseJane:

    Where in Indiana do RNs start out with such a good base pay? I live in Lansing, IL which is right off the Indiana border and would love to work in Indiana since it is so close to me. The Indiana towns close to me are Munster, Hammond, and Dyer. I have not investigated all the hospitals/nursing homes in this area, but the ones that I interviewed with did not have good starting salaries. Three nursing homes only offered me $7.25-$7.50/hour as a CNA with experience and a certificate and the hospitals offered a salary within a dollar of my previous post upon graduation as a RN.

    I was aware that nurses with experience can make a good buck in IN, but I haven't known a new grad to make that much. Since I have only investigated a couple of towns I shouldn't make judgements on the whole state. Sorry! Crown Point is not that far away from me...how is their base pay?

    I am interested in working in the hospital setting so any updated/correct information would be appreciated. THANKS!
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    I work in Connecticut for a nursing Agency. I usually have long term placements. Last placement was for 2 years, current one is scheduled for next 4 months. I make $26.00 an hour. I have only been an LPN for 4 years. Those of you who have been in the field for many years with low pay have my sympathies.
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    I am most familiar with the pay rates in Indianapolis. Your location is Northern Indiana and I have not been up that way when working or looking for a position. Indianapolis and especially east Indy. I only can speak for Long Term Care facilities as well. I am partial to the facility vs the hospital setting....it is more personal and feels more like my family. I also tried agency once but I guess I am more like the patients I care for...I don't like the constant change, I like to know what I am walking into when I go to work each day. I know how rough it is when the people around me constantly change...seems to be the work climate these days that people shift from job to job on a dime. I wish I could help you with Northern Indiana, Rileycat!!! If you came down Indy's way I'd be happy to help.....Good luck in finding something ...I know you can with the shortage these days!!! Did anyone read the Nursing Shortage article that came recently (this past week to 2 weeks I think) in the McKnight magazine??
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    I know this is a late reply, but here goes. I"m in Massachusetts, so I don't know about NY but..

    Most LTC's start LPN's around 16-18 per hour, days, as new grads.

    Add a little if your'e experienced.
    Add $1-$3 for eve/ night/ w/e differentials.

    Per diem rates (if you are a facilities own per diem staff, that is) are around 18-22 per hour with no bennies.

    "Agency" (with health/dental and 401k) start at $22-25 per hour days, add $1-3 for differentials.

    I currently work "agency", working for about half a dozen facilities or so, earning at the lower end of the rates I stated above, because my agency is very flexible and always backs me up. I could make the $25 if I wanted to go to an agency with less scruples and no support.

    Annette, LPN from Massachusetts
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    I work in a long term care facility and have about 7 years experience. I make 17.85 per hour plus 15% for no benefits and 30% for working doubles on weekends which adds up to 26.65 per hour. Nurses fresh out of school make 13.50/hr plus $1.00 extra for evenings and nights.
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    Hi guys and gals......you have depressed me terribly!!!!!! I moved to Florida from Indy . In Indy the long term care nurse that has a few years under the belt, starts at 18-20 an hour woth full benefits if u work 32 hours a week. benefits are usally EXSPENSIVE and usually 80/20 insurance. HERE on the other hand the poor nurses have to pay for CEU's and they furthur insult us by paying 15 an hour. I am appaled that some of you are only making 10!!!!!!!!! I made 13.50 an hour, directly out of school. The stress level alone warrants more pay...add on the paperwork,the ass kissing { smile } and Lord help us all we are worth are weight in gold!!!!!!!!!
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    I work in Southern Indiana and started out in LTC out of LPN school 2.5 yrs ago making $16.00/hr. That was pay-in-lieu of benefits, though, and the same as PRN rate but with guaranteed, set hours. That was $3.00/hr more than if I took the benefits. (Quite a chunk of money!) 9 months later I went to Med-Surg and down to $13.38/hr! RN's were starting out in LTC at $14.50 to $15.00 here at that time.

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