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i have been a rn for almost a year. er nursing is all i've ever known or done. no routine meds or calling a doctor on the phone for a panic result or any other issue..the doctors are usually a few... Read More

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    Ask for more. It's a big jump from ER to LTC. I made a similar jump from trauma ICU to hospice. It takes some getting used to the different pace. Also many LTC patients are on CMO. That's a very different focus from what you're used to. This is your opportunity to see how they work with you.
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    Aw...LTC is fun! If you find the right one anyway. I totally heart the one I work at. My residents are so cool I get up at 0500 just to hang out with them at 0630!
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    LTC, you either love it or hate me a favor, if you don't like it please leave. This is not just a job, I feel it is a calling. These folks deserve the best.