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OK ~ I had been in acute and critical care for 20 years. But since 2004 I have been in assisted living. Currently I am in a 'memory care' facility. All residents have significant dementia along with their other medical concerns.... Read More

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    Thank you so much for your concern and direct response. Like the old movie said "Let it be said. Let it be done !" All those concerns have passed. Yes, one was sent to another facility - the most volatile. Another has passed away. Another that got swept up in the confrontations moved to a foster care home and returned to his sweet, gentle self. And the last has had no incidents or altercations ~ now quiet and cooperative.
    Though challenges remain every day, I am so thankful that that particular time and combination of residents has been resolved.
    Believe me - if it ever happens again I will be more forceful to gain resolution.

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