Cursing in LTC - page 2

Have a question. Have a friend that's just been suspended pending investigation because she responded to a residents cursing and repeated the curse back once. Other residents heard it and she has... Read More

  1. by   CloudySue
    I have to smile at the memory of a foul-mouthed old lady who used the F-bomb all the time. I loved this lady. I never cursed around any other resident, but it was part of our rapport for me to greet her with, "Good morning, Harriet, how the F are you?" To which she'd respond, "Lousy. I want to get the F out of here!" and we'd both laugh. This word was part of her vocabulary, an old friend, and it made her feel a bit more normal to bounce that word around and not to be reprimanded for her language, as other staffers would. Of course I was VERY careful not to speak this way around anyone else! The rapport between two people needs to always be taken into account in any situation. I always knew that if I was overheard, I'd likely be in trouble. When she died, I whispered up to her, "Mazel tov, Harriet, you finally got the F out of there."