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Have a question. Have a friend that's just been suspended pending investigation because she responded to a residents cursing and repeated the curse back once. Other residents heard it and she has been suspended for next several... Read More

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    You're right, cape cod mermaid. I think the fact that almost all our residents are male Korea/Vietnam war vets means all of us who work there are a little more free with the colorful language. If I were in a typical LTC full of little old ladies I'd be more mindful. I'd never swear in front of my grandma, after all!

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    And always remember.....if your manager doesn't like you, they will find a way to get rid of you. Always watch your p's and q's, watch your back, watch your mouth, and stay away from the gossip. Do your work, get your own work done before you help others, and leave everything better than you found it. Most management in LTC think there is always someone waiting for your job. They will fire you for trivial things. Always know your policy handbook, and don't deviate from it. They expect you to play by their rules, and many times they don't play by their own. What the resident says is taken at face value, and you have no say. Protect yourself, too, but don't do anything stupid.
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    Since she was threatened, she should be writing up an incident report.
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    I have to smile at the memory of a foul-mouthed old lady who used the F-bomb all the time. I loved this lady. I never cursed around any other resident, but it was part of our rapport for me to greet her with, "Good morning, Harriet, how the F are you?" To which she'd respond, "Lousy. I want to get the F out of here!" and we'd both laugh. This word was part of her vocabulary, an old friend, and it made her feel a bit more normal to bounce that word around and not to be reprimanded for her language, as other staffers would. Of course I was VERY careful not to speak this way around anyone else! The rapport between two people needs to always be taken into account in any situation. I always knew that if I was overheard, I'd likely be in trouble. When she died, I whispered up to her, "Mazel tov, Harriet, you finally got the F out of there."

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