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Coprophagia And Scatolia In Demented Elderly Residents - page 2

Professionals who work with residents of nursing homes, memory care units, assisted living facilities, geriatric psychiatric centers, and other types of long term care settings experience a mixture... Read More

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    Nasal Crustaceans!!

    So,... I'm guessing "Nasal Crustaphagia"

    (gonna go boil my mouth out now!)
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    'Nasal Crustaceans!!'

    It sounds crusty!
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    @ [COLOR=#003366]CherylRNBSN, quite frankly, a pathetic reason for putting your pet down. In animals, it can mean a nutritional deficiency (at least according to my vet). Also, never met that a dog that doesn't sometimes do it. ITA with the rest of your statement that it would be better to be medicated than eating or smearing feces.
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