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I just started working in a LTC facility and it's my first job out of school. It's taking me a long time to do the morning med pass, although I'm getting better at it. The nurse who oriented me... Read More

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    For me, this is the safest way. There are just too many interuptions during the med pass. Additionally, if you are assigned to an unfamiliar unit with an unfamiliar medcart with meds not stored correctly or with stored in usual places (we have all seen this...esp eye drops as these docs are so particular) or with missing meds.

    I sign the med out as it is pulled and /or poured and enter the patients room. If they refuse, drop it, spit it out etc, I can circle it and per our facility policy, turn over the MAR and write in an explanation. Simple.
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    I always sign out each med as I pull them
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    I still after 34 years of nursing in a geriatric section of the hospital pour my medications, give same then sign for them. I know this takes longer . Legally it is the correct way to do so and it is my license at risk if something goes wrong
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    I worked agency for an LTC facility where the workload was impossible. I refused to cut corners or do anything that was less than legal, and I pride myself on being fast and efficient. I strongly suspected the regular nurses were doing a lot of fudging and corner-cutting because I couldn't fathom how they were getting through and getting breaks. After 5 shifts of being a total stress case, I told my agency I was no longer available for that facility. Oh, and by the way, they were being audited by the state.
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