???What is legal LPN:resident ratio and/or CNA:resident ratio in LTCF in GA???

  1. Just curious to know the legal maximum amount of residents a LPN charge nurse should have working in a nsg home. Also, seems we are always short handed and my CNA's are stressed out having to care for close to 64 residents in the building on night shift 11-7 with 2 CNA's only! During the daytime, 5 or 4 CNA's are stretched out on the floor. Not fair for the night crew. As far as LPN's go, 2 LPN charge nurses run the 2 units of a maximum "full house" of 68 beds. On average, I am responsible for 33 residents. Is all this legal?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    No state in the union has legally mandated nurse/patient ratios for nursing homes. California is the only state with any type of nurse/patient ratio law, and it only applies to acute care hospitals in that state.
  4. by   dentyne628
    I live in FL and not sure about mandates but on 11~7 we work 2 nurses, 3 sometimes 4 cnas for 60 pts. On our long term side sometimes there is even only 1 LPN with 3 or 4 cnas and 60 pts. When we question staffing there is a required # of pt care hrs by nurses and cnas and I know they count activity, rehab and even staffing hrs as cna hrs so less aids on the actual floor, but regulated hrs are covered
  5. by   Anne36
    I just wrote my term paper on Nurse to Patient staffing ratios. MI is trying to get mandated ratios for their nurses and I was shocked when I read the Bill. It didnt say a word about Long Term Care. Why is LTC left out like some ugly stepsister? I am supposed to graduate LPN school next week and now Im thinking I must have been crazy to get into this. Its sad, I have not even gotten my first job and I would never recommend anyone to go down this path. My advice is RUN!, dont walk away from NS.
  6. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from Anne36
    Why is LTC left out like some ugly stepsister?
    LTC is typically left out of staffing ratio law proposals because most nursing home residents across the U.S. are on Medicaid, which generally means a very low reimbursement rate for the facility (about $100 per day per resident).

    Sorry, but as long as Medicaid is reimbursing at piddly low rates, facilities will not be able to beef up the staffing and generate enough cash flow to remain in operation. If states were to enact legislation for mandated nurse/patient ratios in LTC (for example, 1 nurse to 10 residents), most facilities would not be able to afford that many nurses. They would be forced to violate the law or go out of business.
  7. by   horselovers
    In the facility where I work we have two sides. Side one has 60 residents (10 of which are in the lockdown "unit". I work the 11p to 7a shift as an LPN! There is one CNA in the unit! On the floor we have 50 residents and sometimes 3 CNA staff, but sometimes 4 or 5 (on a good day). There is only ME on the 60 resident side! The other side has 21 residents which is definitely easier than the 60 resident side most of the time! The acuity level on Side 1 is just horrendous! At present we have 3 PICCs with IV ATBs and/or IVFs. 3 GT with fluids running and 3 Colostomies. It takes at least 20 mins for just one resident with the GT, PICC and Colostomy! We have been informed that OT is forbidden. They make a list and hang it out by the time clock to show everyone's OT. How sad is that??? If you get too much OT they will cut you a day's pay. Just don't seem fair to me. The esteem at this facility is going down the tubes! I've read on here the same thing over and over. What can we do about it?? There has to be someone that will listen! I live in Florida, and I hear about this crap all throughout the united states! How are we supposed to give our residents the proper care if we are understaffed?? Then there are the resident family members that come in and get nasty with the staff because we aren't doing "enough" for their family member! What the heck can we do?? I love nursing, but I sure don't like 60 residents. If we have a problem with a resident we have to deal with it! NO RNs at night! Not really anyone we can call unless emergency.
  8. by   prettymica
    I called the Ga board of nursing myself regarding this same topic. I was left with all 75 patients on night shift. They had fired my partner and had no one to come in, so of course they didn't tell me. I quickly went PRN and only did day shift. Then once again, instead of 3 nurses splitting 75 patients we would have 2 nursing passing AM meds, I quit after that. I was not going to continue to put myself in jeopardy for this poorly run facility that would throw anyone under the bus to save their asses.

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