what is an average RN hourly in georgia?

  1. hey guys i just took trip to atlanta for a seminar and i really enjoyed my 1 week stay ther in atlanta georgia. i also visited marietta , roswell, and i really like the area.

    when i graduated with my adn and get my rn licensure i would liek to live in georgia.

    what is the average per hourly wage there in atlanta georgia?

    how would you rate the atlanta medical center in downtown atlanta as a place to work?

    also how is the cost of living there?
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  3. by   mrdoc2005
    I am not sure where you are moving from but, the cost of living in ATL is high compared to most of the south. I lived in Marietta, while I was a student at Life University School of Chiropractic, and was paying $1000/month for a small 2/1 apartment.

    One good thing though is the fine dinning and shopping in Buckhead/uptown area. I enjoyed the lifestyle there. However I am just a country boy from a rural area in Alabama and I missed the country as well.

    If you decide to move there or just go for the weekend let me know and I will tell you about some of the neat places to go.
  4. by   GeorgiaGirl
    I can't quote you any figures on pay, but its more than most places in the SE. I'm a native Atlantan so naturally I think it is a wonderful place to live. I don't find the cost of living to be anymore expensive than any other large city, and there's so much opportunity here. I live in a very nice, large 1Bdr., 1 ba highrise condo in Buckhead, and the rent is $850 per month, including ALL utilities. We are right in the heart of everything....theaters, clubs, shopping....you name it.
    One thing I wouldn't recommend is working at ANY of the hospitals downtown. All are located in undesirable and dangerous areas. The best and safest hospitals are Emory, Piedmont , Northside, and St. Josephs Hospitals. I've heard there are excellent hospitals in the surburbs, but I am just not familiar with any of them. If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask, and I will help if I can.
  5. by   Daisy2
    I am from here...Ive worked at Piedmont, Northside, Shepherd Center...all were awesome experiences....I work with acute spinal cord injuries, medical-surgical, aquired brain injury.....it is all what you are looking for and how far are you willing to drive for it!!
    I am actually making more money per base rate than I did inside I-285 (which is considered "big-bucks"...nothing big about it.) If you can do with out the benefits, go PRN somewhere.
    I work for Wellstar now near Marietta...I love my co-workers, Docs. and the patient ratios....and only 8 miles from my garage to the free parking at the hospital!!!
  6. by   atownsendrn
    Hi there. We would love to have new nurses move to the area. Most starting pay for new grads in the metro area is between $17.00 - $19.00 per hour. Shift diffs are approximately $2.50 to $4.00 per hour depending on the hospital and the shift. Weekend diffs are around $3.00. Most hospitals also pay diffs for ACLS or PALS or certifications. Pay rates in the area keep up with the standard of living pretty well. Apartment living downtown is expensive. If you could get outside of 285 you would be better off.

    Atlanta Medical Center can be a great place to work, or a totally miserable place. Depends on what you are looking for. Great experience for trauma in the ER. But med-surg - no way- you would burn out quickly as a new grad. Grady is about the same. Cardiac experience - Piedmont or St Joes are the places to go. There are two great children's hospitals in metro Atlanta. Sheperd's is great if you are looking for spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury experience. Kennestone (in Marietta) has an ER where you would see everything and get great experience. So lots of opportunities. Good luck!!!
  7. by   nursemeems
    Hi guys,

    I'm a 4th year BSN student at the University of Virginia and I'm planning to move to ATL in June.

    I just stumbled upon this forum while looking for info on Grady...boy am I glad I found you! I had heard that Grady wasn't the best, but was gonna give it a try. I think I've changed my mind!!!
    But, is Northside really a good place to work. I spoke to someone in human resources and had a VERY bad experience...they were rude and not very knowledeable about their own programs. What's worse? Their orientation for new grad nurses consists of only 3 days. Ummm? Can we say dangerous? If anyone out there has better info, please let me know. I'd hate to scratch them off my list if it truly is a good place to work.


  8. by   Daisy2
    I have worked a few places in Atlanta....this is my opinion...Grady may have a bad wrap...but if you wanna get to know your skills, try it for one year...some of the best nurses I know came from Grady ER and medical/surgical floor. It is not something you may be willing to do for years and years, but if you can train there, you will be ready for anything!
    also, I trained at Northside CCU, I had a wonderful experience. It is mandatory that a new grad/ new nurse to that area will get at least 60-90days orientation with a preceptor where ever you go, whoever told you 3 days is crazy. now, if a travel/agency nurse works a shift, they get 4 hours orientation, if any at all.
    If you can get a hold of a nurse manager, they can talk to you more in depth about your assignments. Make sure you ask about patient ratios to nurses.
    so I also think that Piedmont is good and Shepherd Center really knows how to talk care of their nurses.
    I have really had descent experiences with all my jobs and BSN training in school. try a night shift, I used to love doing nights, things are not as crazy, and you make about 3-4 dollars more per hour!
    Good Luck...we need you guys!!!
  9. by   nursemeems
    Okay...thanks Daisy! This information is really helpful...especially when you're not from a particular area and have no clue about the reputations of some of these places. I actually received a return call from a RN recruiter at Northside today, and she gave some info about the orientation. I think I must have talked to the HR office assistant who didn't know much. I am strongly thinking about CHOA, Peidmont, Northside and Emory in Pediatrics or Mother/baby. I have heard good things about all of them. Keep up the good work out there! It's nice to have some encouragement from the experienced!

  10. by   gaulkari
    Northside has good pt nurse ratios (I am on oncology). The new nurse training is 12 + weeks with a preceptor and an internship after that (the internship length varies depending on the floor you are on). They also had the highest starting pay that I found for new grads. If you want more info let me know.
  11. by   nursemeems
    Wow! Thanks for the information...I keep hearing great news about Northside. I don't understand why the lady in Human Resources told me only 3 days...I specifically asked about new graduate orientation and was shocked when she said no. How do you feel about the environment, culture, and the way nurses are treated? That makes such a big difference in where you work--even if the pay isn't that great, it makes it worth staying.

    Can't wait to be in GA!
  12. by   gaulkari
    I am still in my orientation period. So far it has been great. The nirses on my floor have a good attitude, work together well and have been very helpfull to me. The techs are awesome also, I really feel like I have picked the right place. Another perk of Northside is that they pay you a nurse's salary as soon as you graduate from your nursing program, you get paid the differential of a tech untill you have your license.
  13. by   Adriennefu
    Quote from gaulkari
    Northside has good pt nurse ratios (I am on oncology). The new nurse training is 12 + weeks with a preceptor and an internship after that (the internship length varies depending on the floor you are on). They also had the highest starting pay that I found for new grads. If you want more info let me know.
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    hi karen!!!!
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