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Has anyone applied to west ga tech ASN program? I applied to the newnan campus for summer 2013. Does anyone know what an average gpa/teas score or competitive selection score is for those that were... Read More

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    My sister is a rn at piedmont newnan in mother/baby. She just started in feb as prn after taking time away from nursing to have her son. She loves it there!
    Good luck to you!! I am hoping to hear something from them soon. I had an interview at Lagrange college for their BSn program so that would be my first choice if I can get some scholarships to cover the cost of private school tuition.
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    I got my acceptance letter yesterday.
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    Congratulations! ! I've been following this thread to see what the scores are like for the people who get accepted. I'm applying for their fall admission. Do you mind sharing your TEAS score? People say the TEAS is harder than the NLN. Thanks very much and good luck in school!
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    I made an 81 on the teas and scored above average on each section. Thanks
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    Congratulations natalieb44. I have not got mine yet. Hopefully it will be tomorrow.
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    Accepted to West Georgia Technical College!
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    Macongirl - congratulations!! Your scores are alot like mine so that gives me hope for the fall. Good luck to you!
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    Thank you and good luck to all your guys!
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    I declined my spot at WGTC. I accepted a spot in the bsn program at LaGrange College that will begin in August. Good luck to all of you!
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    I declined my spot at WGTC college as well. I accepted my spot in Darton and Gordon. Good luck to all your guy.
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    Okay... I'm extremely anxiety ridden about competitive selection... aug 1 I apply and here is how my grades stack up:

    a&p 1 C (retaking this summer)
    A&P 1L B (retaking)
    A&p 2 B
    A&p 2L A
    Psyc C (retaking)
    Alg B
    Eng B

    I am shooting for all A's this summer. Plus I'm retaking the teas. My psych grade is from way back when when I didn't much care about school. I think I was a little overwhelmed returning back to school after having my daughter so I think that is why I wasn't prepared for anatomy. Do you think I have a shot with all of the B's? I'm freaking out. I'm hoping I will have a decent chance due many students excited about the coweta campus and applying there. Our competitive selection process depends on the pool of grades and teas scores. Can someone ease my mind a bit?
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    Darton acceptance to graduation rate is low. Id go elsewhere

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