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Hi, I was hoping to see if there was anyone here who isapplying to UWG for 2013? I have just submitted my application. What do youthink of their new requirements?... Read More

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    I have registered for the writing session! Good luck to us all!

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    Hey @lepoard22 I am going to Covenant CNA school too and I am starting with the March 5 class as well! See you there!
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    i have registered to the one in newnan.....too.
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    @ Clarens, how did the writing go for you today?
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    Hi @AFVEGAX, Sorry to butt into your post. I took the writing session at the Newnan campus today. If you have not taken it yet, it is not a big deal. Every session will have a different topic to write on.
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    I applied for the Summer 2013 program as well. I did the writing assessment in Newnan on Friday which was a piece of cake. Does anyone know how many students they admit for the Newnan campus each year?
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    @leopard22, I did take the writing @ carrolton campus. there were about 40 people. so I heard there's 400 applicants. 10 writing sessions with 40 seats. Topic was relatively easy. I wonder what is the purpose of all this, if " it does not determine consideration purposes".
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    I attended the 11:30am writing session on February 16, 2013. I drove a total of 9 hours round trip to attend this writing session. I arrived on the West Georgia Campus at exactly 10:45AM. I drove around in circles trying to locate the education center and then decided to walk around the campus to find it. Finally, at exactly 11:33AM, I found the center and proceeded with a knock on the door. The proctor looked at me and continued with instructing the students within the lab and outright ignored me. I looked through the glass windows and noticed that testing was not in session, because no student was logged on to the system. I knocked the door a second time and the proctor ignored me again. Knocked a third time, finally, she opened the door and said "Testing has already started, you will have to reschedule!" and immediately slams the door in my face, without ever giving me a chance to explain and voice my reasoning. I was completely heartbroken and felt utterly disrespected. The proctor acted in a very unprofessional manner. Highly dissapointed
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    I too wondered the same question. I know that we are the first applicants to do the writing session. But why is it a requirement if they are not using it as part of the process? I am glad that they eliminated the TEAS as a requirement but maybe they should have asked for an essay like some other schools do. They did say we would all get letters in April. So a few more weeks to go!
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    Hey I'm taking the writing portion this Friday. Was wondering if it was an actual essay? And if I should study for it. Any feedback would help

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