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So I am trying to get into gwinnett techs fall of 2013 class and i just wanted to start a forum for us to support each other and for info. I still have a couple pre reqs to take but im hoping to do well! Good luck everyone... Read More

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    Thank you, for the additional information. It is wonderful when someone is willing to share their personal information as a way to help out someone that is still waiting. I am going to start studying for the Kaplan and hope I'm invited to take it. They have not given me the breakout of what they are going to accept as transfer credit so I may have to retake something first. Thanks again and good luck to you!!!

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    I'm curious janelly, why don't you just go directly into a BSN program instead of getting an ADN first, and then rn to BSN? I believe it would save you some time if you already know you want the BSN.
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    Quote from meeep
    I'm curious janelly, why don't you just go directly into a BSN program instead of getting an ADN first, and then rn to BSN? I believe it would save you some time if you already know you want the BSN.
    I don't think theres much of a time difference, especially with those rn-bsn bridge options. In order to get a bsn, one must completely 120 credit hours. Have an associates pretty much cuts that in half... The objective is just making sure your credits will be transferable to the instution you desire to continue education at later.
    In addition, if I just wanted to shoot for the bsn I'd have to wait longer whereas I can start working as soon as I get my license with an asn, and continue the rest of my education, which is usually done online.
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    I thought I'd revive this thread with some new information I recently received. I stopped in to see Saadia Jackson, the nursing program advisor. Just a reminder: application deadline is January 15. Ms. Jackson advises current GTC students on track for the Fall 2013 nursing program contact her as soon as fall grades post (or at least prior to application deadline date) so she can make sure your file is in order and you're on the list to receive the e-mail regarding the mandatory February meeting. Kaplan exam is administered in March, acceptances go out in April.

    Ms. Jackson has Kaplan study guide information she e-mails out, so if you're planning to apply, you may want to contact her. HOWEVER, today (October 31) is her last day until December 1 -- she has the month of November off. If you want the Kaplan study guide, you have three choices: 1) go see her quickly today; 2) wait until December when she is back in the office; or 3) contact the Advisement Office in building 100.

    If you choose option (3), the Advisement Office may tell you they don't have that information. BE INSISTENT. They normally don't have that info, but since Ms. Jackson won't be in for a month, she personally e-mailed the study guide to Advisement.

    I do recommend going in to see Ms. Jackson whether you're a current GTC student or not. She's a very pleasant lady, she's helpful, and she's more than willing to answer any questions you have about the program.

    Good luck to everybody planning to apply!
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    i will be taking pre req in January for nursing..any advice? I won't be working and am willing to study hard. I have 2 months off until January when classes are supposed to start. Can I start to study now for pre-req and do you know what books I should get to get prepared in advance? Thanks a lot!!!
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    Time moves so fast! I can't believe admission time is here again. Anyway, I was hoping to get into the GTC nursing program last year but couldn't make it because I messed up on the test. I'm trying again this year so let's keep our fingers crossed and see what happens. I'm open for any questions or concerns you might have. Good Luck.
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    Does anyone know if the Gwinnett Tech program is 5 semesters including summer semesters or excluding...?
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    Well.... last year at the meeting, they said something to the effect of adding summer to the program length but it hasn't kicked off yet. But i guess we should know by this summer. My friend keeps me updated!
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    Yeah because without adding summers the program in length of time would actually be two years and four and a half months! :S An associates degree in about 3.5 years? Thats practically the length of bachelors right there....
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    If you aren't dead set on GTC, Georgia Perimeter's program is 4 semesters, and you can opt to do the summer semester...if you do that the program length is about 16 months! I'm applying there because I want to start working ASAP. If you're interested, application deadline is January 30, you have to take the TEAS 5 and have A&P 1 completed. They look at your GPA for their General Program classes, your science GPA and your TEAS score. If you have any questions about it let me know

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