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So I am trying to get into gwinnett techs fall of 2013 class and i just wanted to start a forum for us to support each other and for info. I still have a couple pre reqs to take but im hoping to do... Read More

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    You are correct, it was. I also had signed up for the 28th but it looks like the system allowed more people to signed up than it was supposed to and by the time they realized this the only dates available were the ones for this week or something like that so they opened a new date.
    I also applied for the program last year so hopefully we will make it this time. Good luck!
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    To anyone who has taken the test already this year or maybe has taken it before, I had a question on the Math. When it says conversions what are they talking about..fractions to decimals..etc? is it just basic conversions? ml to l? etc..
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    Hi Div618,

    I haven't taken it before, but according to those who have taken it, the math is basic. like u said, it comprises of fractions, decimals, percentages, metric conversions or units of measurement like converting from grams to miligrams, pounds to ounces, foot to inches, solving for X and stuff like that. I guess u have to memorize things like ( 1000mg=1g, 1foot=12inches). My KAPLAN is on the 21st.

    Good luck
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    I wanted to know how many time can we take the kaplan exam? I know we have to apply to Ga Tech in order to get the invitation. Also, are you taking the kaplan for the same college this month?
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    Hi, I know u can only take it once in a year for Gwinnett Tech. I m taking mine for Gwinnett next week. U mentioned Ga Tech?
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    I meant Gwinnett...sorry...

    Hope all goes well for you!
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    Thx n good luck to u as well.
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    Quote from MADELINE2010
    I wanted to know how many time can we take the kaplan exam? I know we have to apply to Ga Tech in order to get the invitation.
    You may take the Kaplan as many times as you wish, but you may only take it once per year for Gwinnett Tech. The program coordinator mentioned other people were taking it ahead of time to familiarize themselves with the test format, but those "ahead of time" scores aren't considered by GTC.
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    Thank you! and good luck to you!! post after your test and tell us how it was =) I'm not taking it until the 26th but getting very nervous about it.
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    Hi Div, I'm trying to be calm as well, but Uhh!! my nerves are wrecking. Thx. I will keep u posted.

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