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rn residency program piedmont 2013

  1. 0 Hello i just applied to the residency program at piedmont hospital for the february 2013 program. Does anyone know how much the pay is starting. And the interview process. The position shows all of the units in one one posting. So do they ask you at the interview where u would prefer. Also im moving from florida to ga does anyone know any good area to stay thats affordable for a new grad near or not too far from the hospital. I will be new to georgia. Thanks
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    moved to Ga nursing for best results
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    From what I heard, the starting pay is $23.55 with differentials for evenings, nights, and weekends. It's something like $4.00. I don't work there, so I can't say for sure.

    As far as living close to there, it is quite difficult to find something affordable in the immediate area. If you go north on I-85 about 2-3 exits (Cheshire Bridge, N. Druid Hills, Clairmont) you can find some affordable areas going east on either road. And, it's a decent part of town. Depending on how far away from I-85 it is, you are looking at a 10-20 minute drive to Piedmont (definitely not bad considering Atlanta's disaster in the mornings). The commute should be easy at most start times. 7p could be bad though as traffic builds up around 5p-6p headed downtown.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank u Ms Nelle... im going to look in to that im single mother with my boys.. so i need a decent area for us. Thanks again.
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    Do all of the Piedmont locations start out with the same base pay for new grads?
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    Hey Guys did anyone hear anything yet??? Im anxious lol. I sent the questionaire back along with the resume now i guess its a waiting game.
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    I mailed in my application and resume today. Trying to be optimistic but the jobs market is TIGHT here in Georgia. Just moved here from Ohio this past June and I can't get an interview anywhere as a new grad. All the people I graduated with in Cleveland area are already working!
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    I also just moved to Ga but from Miami, my classmates are having a tough time down there. I sure wasnt expecting such a tough time hearing how badly nurses are needed. I get so frustrated sometimes. Hopefully my future job calls me soon
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    Hey everyone. I just received a phone call this morning about interviewing on Monday October 29th for a Cardiovascular position. I live in Clarksville TN though so I'm going to make the drive down there for it. I'm super excited/nervous/happy to have heard something back. This job hunt has been almost defeating. Good luck to you all!! Has anyone heard what the interview questions are like?
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    Congrats girlygirl the only thing I've heard is they give you a medication calculation test and if you fail that the interview stops there. When did you send in your application? I want a call too
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    Hi Shevy. I sent in my application on oct 16th. What track did you apply for? I hope you get an interview too!
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    Oh okay, that's around the same time I applied.I picked Critical Care,MedSurg and I think it was perioperative. I hope your interview is a successful one. Win one for the new grad team Lol. Keep me updated on your progress!!!
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    Congrats girlygirlk8e... i wish they would call me. Sent the questionaire. And received a send questionaire for labor and delivery residency program. Im ready to move up there..