Piedmont College 2013 Nursing Applicants

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    I haven't seen a discussion for 2013 Piedmont College Nursing Applicants so I wanted to start one. That way we can compare stats and support each other through this. I know I am a nervous wreck waiting for an interview call!

    What's everyone's Nursing GPA and TEAS V scores for Reading & Math?

    I have a 3.4 Nursing GPA
    TEAS V Scores: 95.6% Reading and 90% Math.

    I am worried that my GPA is going to be my obstacle. My first couple years of college I did not take things seriously at all and my GPA suffered, horribly. I've had a couple of retakes in science courses a few years ago, so I know that pulls down my chances a little bit. But now that my head is on straight, I have gotten all A's the past 3 semesters and I am really hoping Piedmont believes in second chances! What's the saying? "Every Saint has a past and every Sinner has a future" Piedmont said their average GPA of accepted students last year was a 3.5

    Piedmont is my first choice. I was denied from Brenau (they take allllll credits into consideration). I have also applied to NGCSU, Athens Tech, Gwinnett Tech, Georgia Perimeter and Mercer.

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    I received a call from Piedmont about an interview for their program. My overall TEAS was around 78%, that was because my science was fairly low due to the fact that I had not taken chemistry before that. My GPA is 4.0. I only applied to Piedmont and Brenau. I was accepted into Brenau. You should also try applying to the former MCG/GHSU, Georgia Regents University. Their app closes in a couple of weeks. Good luck to you!
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    I got an interview as well! Yay! Good luck to you also!
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    I also got an interview! Good luck to you two! I was so nervous about getting a call! Now we just have to survive the interviews!
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    So, how did your interview go? I felt so intimidated, but I think it went well!
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    I was VERY nervous! Even though I think I gave good unique answers and I was prepared, I could tell my voice was shaky & my mouth was dry. I hope I didn't sound like a rambling idiot! I don't know how to feel about it overall, both interviewers were very nice & smiled, but I didn't really get much of a "vibe" one way or the other. I was really hoping I'd have a huge sense of relief when the interview process was over but I'm still just as anxious waiting for a letter haha. So what did you think about it? Also, did you say just Demorst campus or both? I said Athens 2nd choice but I really want to go to Demorst so I'm kind of wishing I said Demorest only.They told me 2-3 weeks, 1st week in march worst case scenario, so we will see!
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    I had my interview in Athens as well! With the dean and another woman! Talk about nerve racking! I got there early so they let me go early. I was scheduled for 1:20 and went at about 1:05ish. I am not sure how I feel either! I gave the best answers I could but I am just not sure how I feel. The waiting game is so nerve-racking haha. But, hopefully we all did well!
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    I saw where you applied to GPC. I have as well, and also Kennesaw State.

    My competitive GPA is 3.6, overall a 3.72. Teas 88.7

    I have no idea what's competitive or good enough. Just praying I can get an interview.
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    They said last year the average Nursing GPA admitted was 3.4 to 3.5, Piedmont only looks at the Math & Reading scores of the TEAS, not the overall score, but I am not sure what is considered competitive in terms of those scores. I studied my BUTT off to get 90+ in both, to make up for my 3.44 GPA lol. Stephanie, e interviews for Piedmont were last week, did you have your interview then? Or are you talking about GPC? At this point I have all of my nerves riding on Piedmont, it's my 1st choice. Fingers crossed!!
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    Jesse, I had mine at Demorest with eye Dean too!! A lot of ppl II talked to said theirs was really relaxing and they felt like they nailed it...so I am glad Im not the only one who had mixed feelings!! I think it was just the nerves, like I was literally still not feeling normal the rest of the day! Haha. It's like a blur to me now! Lol. Are you hoping for Demorest or Athens?

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