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Out-of-State New Grad Applying Needs Direction

  1. 0 I graduate in December, and it's about time to start applying. Actually I've already applied to some internships and residencies in my home state of Texas, but I've always wanted to move to Atlanta. Can some of you GA nurses, locals, and even new graduates point me in the right direction in regards to internships and residencies and where I should be applying. I know it's a competition, but I would appreciate some guidance. And if any of you are looking to move to Texas, we can most definitely exchange information haha


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    The job market is lousy here..Georgia was actually LAST out of ALL the states for jobs in Aug. Unless or until you have your Ga. license or at least the temp. one, it's a waste of your time to apply and even then...having less than a year experience (some places now looking for 2) is going to make it more difficult. Also, many times the interviews are scheduled at the last minute and a LOT are 2 parts so unless you are able to get to ATL fairly quickly and return when you need to for the 2nd interview you may want to rethink applying before actually living here. From what I read on other posts, it is taking the BON here a LONG time to get nurses their licenses.
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    Avoid Tenet facilities.
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    I nursed two years in AL and got my licensure by endorsement in GA, which only took me two weeks to get. I'm not sure how long it would take for a newly grad though =/

    In Atlanta, there are a lot of nurse residencies programs being offered, which includes Gwinnett Medical, Emory, Piedmont, Children's, etc etc. Google it! The list goes on and on. I say go for it. I was too afraid to venture out to Atlanta as a newly grad, so I stayed close to home. But be ready for a tough job market, I've been told it's been a great challenge for new grads to obtain jobs. I suppose that would be everywhere though.
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    Emory's program is opening in November for their new grad program that starts work in March. I would look on their website to get further information, but you are going to need to get a GA license before you can start working. I would look into starting the GA licensing process if you are truly interested in working here, but yes it may be easier to get a year or two experience first if you can't get into a new grad program. Good luck!
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    Sort of in a similar situation as prettyladie. I graduating from a nursing school in Philadelphia in June, and then passed my NCLEX in July. In August decided I wanted to move to GA to be closer to my extended family. So I got my GA license by endorsement and moved down here in September. I've been here for about a month and I haven't received a callback, let alone an email reply, to any of my numerous application submissions.

    I wonder if I'm not doing something right? The market can't be this tough, can it? I live in the western suburbs of Atlanta, and so far I've applied to Northside, CHOA, St. Joseph's and Grady. I haven't applied to Emory, Piedmont or Wellstar yet because they haven't had any residency or internship announcements.

    Any nurses have any sage advice for a recent transplant trying to get his nursing career off the ground? Thanks in advance.