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Nursing Schools in GA

  1. 0 Hello, I am on my second semester of my pre reqs and am looking at nusing schools.
    So far my choices are:
    1. Georgia Southern
    2. Georgia State
    3. Georgia Baptist College of Nursing at Mercer Univ.

    I really want to know some about Georgia Southern. If you can help me please let me know!
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    I got my Bachelors in Political Science from Georgia Southern and I loved it. I know several nurses that graduated from there and they really liked the nursing program. We've even talked about moving back to Statesboro, I really miss the town. Savannah is less than an hour away too and we had a good time there.

    I went back for a visit last year and they have a huge new library system and they've got a great recreation center now too. The cost of living there is a lot cheaper than Atlanta and the small town is less overwhelming, plus you can walk everywhere on campus, its all in one big cluster.
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    Moved to GA Nursing Programs for more response.
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    As far as GA Southern, it is one of the top best rated schools of nursing in GA. Georgia State is popular and also has a really good amount of reviews on this blog site. I wouldn't attend Mercer simply because it costs as much as a brand new car and your are going to get your masters, then fine. Otherwise, I wouldn't advise to going to Mercer unless you have some phenomenal government help and financial aid/scholarships. You do not want to be stuck in that much debt starting off as a nurse. You will want to enjoy the fruits of you labor.
    Good Luck!
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    and I mean annually (new car) Lol