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Mercer Questions

  1. 0 Hello all!

    I am new here but had a few questions on GA Baptist at Mercer University in Atlanta. I am 33 and going back to school. I went to college when I was 18/19 but quit school and made mostly C's. I plan on retaking everything so my GPA will be high enough to get into nursing school. I was so set on GA State but started looking at Mercer and it doesn't seem as competitive and it looks like they accept way more applicants. My questions are:

    -I saw on Mercer's website that Chemistry I and II are not required like GA State. Is this accurate? Chemistry is the only thing that terrifies me.

    -Does anyone know how many applicants apply to GA Baptist/Mercer each year? I called them today but they would not give me an answer so I thought I would try here.

    -If you were accepted into GA Baptist, what was your overall gpa/program gpa, test scores, etc.

    I am so focused and very excited about what the future holds! I have never had enough faith in myself until now and I am more ready than ever.

    Thank you for your input! This is my first post ever but I am sure I will be on here a lot more. x

    P.S. I am an undergrad going for my RN**
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    Moved to GA State Nursing PRograms to elicit further response.
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    I haven't been accepted to Mercer, & I'm not sure how many apply to their program, but it looks like Chem isn't a requirement-- at least that's what I gather from their site! Chem scares me too, & I'm taking it at the end of this month. Luckily the bsn program I'm interested in has a Chem requirement that can be fulfilled in one semester!

    Sorry I couldn't be more help, but it looks like you're right-- Chem isn't a requirement!
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    Ok thank you. Good luck to u!
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    Hi, I start Mercer next Monday so I can help you with a few questions. Chem is not a requirement (thank goodness) and from what I heard at Orientation, they took 140 students out of around 800-900 serious applicants. My teas were 81.3 and my GPA was around 3.4 I believe.
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    Wow, congratulations!!! How exciting. Good luck to you and thank you for that information. xo
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    @kms what an excellent in on yr teas scores. Where did you complete all of yr prerequisites? I still need religion, statistics, nutrition and a few others. I'm goin to the info session this month hopefully to get my questions answered!! I hope all is going well for you.
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    Thanks! I did my pre-reqs in FL. When are you planning on applying? I applied with a few classes to take. I took one this past summer and I'm taking the other next summer!
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    Hello I'm going into another program now!!

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    As anyone gotten into the Fall 2013 program? I am awaiting my decision.
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    A girl I took Econ with at KSU this spring got into Mercer.
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    Stephanie great job getting into Mercer!!! That's an awesome school.
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    Stephanie what were your stats for Mercer? If you don't mind me asking.