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Ok, so I've kind of looked around the site, but I can't find what I'm looking for. I applied to the KSU accelerated nursing program for the Spring of 2012. Our applications, TEAS score, etc. already... Read More

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    Business casual
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    My titer results will be coming this Friday just after the orientation. Will that be a problem? I just got done will my exams on 12th. This makes me nervous.
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    Just completed my health forms today! Got everything I need for tomorrow, gosh I love my hospital! Lol I was afraid my titers wouldn't be out since I started just last week Thursday! #kaiserrocks!
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    Thanks guys! I wasn't planning on bringing anyone. I just was confused as to whether we were supposed to or not. I thought I had read something where someone wrote something about meeting "you and your family" so I was just double checking. Thanks for the replies! Anyway, I am excited and nervous! See you all tomorrow!
    Also, the GPA I was referring to was my overall. I think my actual GPA for the program was a little higher!
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    See you tomorrow UGAgal !! See yall tomorrow!!! I'm so excited and nervous bcos its getting even more real lol
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    Hey everyone! Congrats on your acceptance into KSU's nursing program!! I applied for the accelerated program starting this fall. How are your classes going??