Kennesaw State University Nursing Program Acceptance? What are my chances?

  1. Hello everyone! I am currently a pre nursing student about to take my Teas V October 12th. My current GPA is a 3.46 and I have Bs in Biochem, Microbiology, and College Algebra and an A in A n P I. What do I need to make on my Teas V and what are my chances so far of getting into Kennesaw State University's Nursing program next fall? I would appreciate it SO much if you would let me know what you got accepted with, like your Teas V score and overall GPA and Science/Math grades. I'm praying for us all to be successful nurses! God bless
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  3. by   jamieekins
    I went there for 5 years, had a 3.6 GPA, applied there 3 times and got rejected every time. I got an 81 on the TEAS. I am not saying it is impossible, nothing is but it is darn hard! I have known others to get accepted with lower GPA's so I don't really know what they are looking for. If you get an interview, make sure you shine in that. I would also advise you to apply to other schools as well. I thankfully moved far away from Georgia and got accepted to 2 universities here with no issue so I think it just may be that KSU is highly competitive....Good luck to you though! I wish you all the best!
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    I had the adviser look over my transcript last semester and she was pretty honest in saying how competitive it is and that you need mostly As in science/math classes. They also take into account your overall GPA. I have another degree and my GPA was a 3.25. I had 2 B's in sciences/math. I ended up not applying for spring because the deadline is so early it would not have allowed me to include my summer classes. There are other programs that are not as competitive. Good luck!
  6. by   SunshineSara
    Thanks so much for your honesty and help! I think The University of West Georgia is easier to get into so I will apply there also. Good luck with both of your careers!
  7. by   triciah2005
    I wouldn't get too discouraged...I think they want you to have at least an 80 on your teas test, but with a gpa of 3.46, you will probably want to aim a little higher, 85 range, maybe? They look at about 5 different areas, so if you are lacking in one area, you can make up for it in another. I had an interview 2 weeks ago for the spring 2013 start. I had a 3.65 gpa, 6/7 A's for my math/science classes and an 83.3 teas V score. So, I'm not in yet, but you don't have to have absolutely amazing grades to get an interview. I'm hoping that a good interview pushes me through! Best of luck to you!

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