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Hello, is there anyone out there that has applied for KSU's BSN program for Fall 2012? I know it is really early and the deadline isn't until Jan. 31, 2012, but just wanted to see if anyone will... Read More

  1. by   brianaelise
    Hey qtqueen! Thank you so much for your encouraging words!
    How are you liking the nursing program so far?
  2. by   gtqueen371
    I love the nursing program. It is strenuous at times, but well worth it. It will be even better on 12/12/12 when I graduate! P.S. If you want to get a head start, pre-nursing students can participate in the Student Nurses Association. We have speakers/events once a month.
  3. by   hellenvn
    Thanks so much for your nice words and advice. My gpa is 3.65, Teas is 85 %, my interview go well but one thing is that i do not have experience in healthcare. I am praying that I will get in......Gtqueen371 do you see any nursing students have the same situation like me and get in????
  4. by   KSUBioGrad
    Thank you for your encouragement qtqueen371! Are you in the traditional or accelerated program?
  5. by   gtqueen371

    Honestly, I can't say one way or another if you'll get in. I can say that if you got an interview, then you were in the top 150-160 out of around 900 that applied. Your GPA and TEAS matter more before the interview because that is how they select people for interviews. Once you get to the interview, its outcome will generally weigh more at the end since everyone that gets an interview had the grades to get one. If your interview went well, then I wouldn't worry. It is NOT necessary to have healthcare experience. There are many students that do not have this type of experience. Some of the accelerated students are second-career students, and their first career had nothing to do with healthcare. I know it is hard, but sit back and try to enjoy the time you have right now. The letter will come soon, and once you are in the program, it is a whirlwind. If I could go back and change something, I'd have taken it easy and relaxed with the time I had left. Because, I'd give anything to have a moment to relax now. Haha!


    I am in the accelerated program.
  6. by   MrsCheddar
    Hey all -
    Just to clarifty - (for the traditional program) - they asked 100 people to interview this year and 80 will be accepted. Also, I know for sure that at least 3 people didn't show up for their interview (?!?!?!), so hopefully that increases our odds. I got my numbers/info straight from the nursing advisors.

    I keep hoping that something will pop up on OwlExpress while we wait for the letters. If you're pre-nursing, there's a check-off box for "Admission to Nursing Program". All I want is a little check
  7. by   brianaelise
    Qtqueen, thank you for taking time out of your day to be so helpful to us!

    MrsCheddar, Is that on degreeworks? I just hope the letter comes as soon as possible! lol
  8. by   KSUBioGrad
    gtqueen, yes thank you for all the info! I am applying to the accelerated program. I was thinking about trying to work part time while I'm in school. Do you think this is even do-able?
  9. by   MrsCheddar
    Yes, on degreeworks. As of right now - there's nothing
  10. by   brianaelise
    MrsCheddar, I just looked as well! nothing yet!
  11. by   KSUBioGrad
    I looked too..nothing yet
  12. by   hellenvn
    Thank you Gtqueen347 again. Your advises are really valuable to me. Every step to the nursing program is nerve -wracking. However, just be patient. I want to ask how many credits do you have each semeter and are there lots of clinicals during the week? Sorry I have no idea of what to expect when the semester starts.
  13. by   hellenvn
    Me too. I checked my mailbox everyday but nothing yet.