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It seems way early to be posting this, but the application deadline actually isn't too far away. Is anyone else applying to KSU for spring 2013 admission? I've requested to be considered for the... Read More

  1. by   MrsCheddar
    Quote from nutrizun
    uga_belle, when will our FB group be up?
    Your group will be created after the deadline for everyone to accept their spot in the program. For now, check out the Student Nurses Association fb page.
  2. by   Pleigh33
    Hey redtrain, Yes I definitely am going on Friday! I think it looks like the best day too.
  3. by   MrsCheddar
    For those of you planning on going to GANS - if you sign up to go all 3 days (not much more of a price difference) - you can get a $20 reimbursement for your tickets from the KSU SNA. Email your confirmation receipt to to get on the list.

    Also, if you're going, please please please go to the SNA facebook page and just post that you've recently been accepted and are planning on going (even if it's just Friday). This will help us get an accurate head count.

    They're also making t-shirts for the event. You can find the post about that on the SNA page and you'll find instructions on what to do to get one.
  4. by   Pleigh33
    Redtrain I sent you a private message with my contact info in case you want to try and go to GANS together.
  5. by   Pleigh33
    Hey mrs. Cheddar, I put in a request to join the group but will not be able to post until that is accepted. Also I sent you a message via Facebook but haven't heard back so I just wanted to say I will be going on Friday for sure. I have class all day on Saturdays so I won't be doing the full pass just the one day. Are the KSU students that are attending going to be meeting up at some point, or is everyone flying solo?
  6. by   MrsCheddar
    I didn't get your fb message - try again and put on there that you're contacting me from allnurses. I'm not sure who the moderators are for the SNA page, but it dos say that we have new members on there, so they must be updating stuff and admitting people occasionally. I don't think it took me long to be accepted.

    For GANS on Friday - the morning stuff will mainly be speakers that you can attend. I've heard that they're pretty awesome. Then throughout the day, you can meet up with people and walk around and just check things out. In the evening, we will be getting together as a school to do the spirit competition and cheer on our team for the NCLEX bowl. That stuff will be lots of fun. We've got poster boards made to hold up and a huge banner.

    We're also making shirts for all of us to wear. If you'd like to jump on that bandwagon and get one, message Juli Tokarz on facebook at Julie Jones Tokarz | Facebook I've already given her a heads up that she may receive messages from you, so it won't be unexpected.
  7. by   Pleigh33
    Thanks for all the info mrs. Cheddar! I resent the message but there isn't an option for a subject line. I won't be able to stay for the bowl because I only have a babysitter for the day but am very excited about the focus sessions. I wish you guys the best of luck in the bowl!
  8. by   nutrizun
    Can anyone already in 1st semester of accelerated program recommend whether we should take 4402 in class or online please? Thanks!
  9. by   kander96
    I'm going to try to go on Friday too! Random question about class registration times... does anyone have their time ticket yet on OWL express, or is it too early?
  10. by   nutrizun
    Kander, it is still too early to find out our registration time ticket. I am hoping we will find that out in a week or two. Early registration is Nov 5 - Dec 3 so we will definitely find out some time before Nov 5.
  11. by   alwaystheoptimist
    I just sent a request to be added to the ksu sna fb group, even though I won't be starting until the spring. I just figured it'd be a good way to learn about upcoming events.

    I dropped off my commitment letter to the nursing advisement office this morning. Is there any way to confirm that it's been received by the appropriate person?
  12. by   kander96
    When I dropped mine off, they told me to give it straight to Fran. I would e-mail her to make sure that she has it.

    Thanks nutrizun! I didn't have to take any classes this semester, so I thought that maybe they didn't give me a time ticket bc of that... good to know that it's still too early!
  13. by   alwaystheoptimist
    So, I emailed her, but I called also and the person who answered the phone said he gave it to her.

    Thanks for the advice!