Is Chattahoochee Tech ADN accredited??

  1. Hey, I am enrolled to start taking my pre-requisites at CTC for ADN( associates degree in Nursing). I am worried that they are not accredited. I looked on the school website and could not find anything about the nursing part. I also looked them up on a state website and could not find their name. If anyone can help me with
    this I would greatly appreciate it.
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  3. by   Moogie
    The best thing to do is to check on the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission website. The NLNAC accredits ADN, diploma, and practical/vocational nursing programs. It also accredits some BSN and master's programs but usually those programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). Here are a couple of links for you:

    Is this a new program that recently opened? If so, it may not be eligible for accreditation yet. If it isn't a new program, I would ask a few questions before you commit, like why the school isn't accredited or if it was accredited in the past.

    This might be more information than you wanted but I sure hope it helps!
  4. by   Clmoore79
    I was told they would be receiving accrediation Jan. 2011. They first group/class started in 2010. It was all dependent upon test scores...I think. I went to an info session last fall. That was they were telling the attendees. HTH
  5. by   awarner16
    Has anyone applied for the 2011 program? I submitted my application and am now waiting....

    SO nervous
  6. by   kcali
    I am waiting for a response as well for the 2011 program. Do you know if they are going to be mailing out acceptance/denial letters? Do you mind if I ask what your teas scores were.. I only got a 77, but I have a high gpa. I am pretty sure that I will be taking that test again and re applying next year.
  7. by   awarner16
    hey girl! Honestly you never know. I didn't get the what I wanted either! It just depends on what everyone else has. I wouldn't worry about it until the letter least thats what I'm trying to tell myself!!
  8. by   awarner16
    Oh and I don't know how...I just know letters will be coming mid to late october!
  9. by   jen7393
    I REALLY wish they would hurry and get the letters out!!! I went through "the waiting" for myself a few years ago and now I am going through it again for my hubby!!! Good luck to everyone!!!
  10. by   missmercy86
    I just recieved my acceptance letter for the ADN program at Chattahoochee Technical College today! I am so excited. Just to let others know my GPA was a 3.3 and I got a 94 on the TEAS test. Any questions let me know!
  11. by   awarner16
    hey girl!! i'm still waiting for mine!

    Was it a letter or a package that came? because I know some schools send a UPS package!
  12. by   missmercy86
    Quote from awarner16
    hey girl!! i'm still waiting for mine!

    Was it a letter or a package that came? because I know some schools send a UPS package!
    I was actually an email. It was from Janet Underwood
  13. by   awarner16
    to your student account????
  14. by   missmercy86
    Quote from awarner16
    to your student account????
    No, it was sent to my personal yahoo account. That is the email that I put on the application.

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