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Now, I'm not into nursing just for the salary. I'm in this for the long haul, and I want to do this for my career. But I've heard from several sources about how much money nurses make. Some say they don't make a lot, some say... Read More

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    Quote from maddie567
    well, i am an LPN in Ct making 28/hr
    How many years experience and in what setting? FT, PT, PRN, per diem? Again, 40 bucks an hr for an RN without many yrs experience is steep even for CT.

    I make a little over 40/hr presently in TX but I work PRN status. Not something realistic for a 'regular' FT nurse in this area.

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    Is it true that the pay in Southern States are generally worse than in other regions? I mean, 25-32 dollars an hour sounds great to me, I would take that in a heartbeat, but from the posts I've seen, it's seems like the pay's lower down south...

    But, I really don't about what job I start out with in the nursing field. Any job in the nursing field is better than none, and as long as I have enough to pay back the loans and support myself, I'll be fine...
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    In Albuquerque, NM starting salary $60,000/yr with a BSN and no experience. The shift differentials and overtime bring it up to the $80,000/yr range. Outpatient RN's make about 20% less, largely due to the lack of differentials and overtime.
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    how would you know what is steep for CT if you live in TX? my point exactly!!!!
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    do your research..
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    Quote from maddie567
    how would you know what is steep for CT if you live in TX? my point exactly!!!!
    I'm not playing tit for tat. I JUST moved away from there and my entire family of nurses lives there.
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    In southern GA, hospital-based new grads RN's start out between $19.00-21.00 an hour depending on your facility. LPN's start out at $12.00-$15.00 an hour. Shift diff helps out it you work nights and weekends.

    Some hospitals allow unlimited overtime which, if you're willing to put in the hours help out the check quite a bit. And of course the cost of living down here is nothing compared to the metro areas. A fantastic house with acreage costs about 1/4 of what a house with less sq. footage costs further north.
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    Quote from Jessy_RN
    I graduated from a CT school in 2007. I was offered 25/hr at the time. Many of my classmates three years later only make about 30/hr so unless you have lots of experience, 40/hr is exaggerated, imho.
    LPN's in CT do not make $29 an hour that the starting
    rate for RN at some of the higher paying hospitals...RN's with 15 +yrs
    Of experience is bearly making $40/hr. Most hospitals in CT no longer hire
    LPN, they are also forcing the ASN nurses to go back to school. The state has even
    Close down their LPN program.
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    LPN in Ct do nottt make $40hr they start out at $18hr and R.N's make anywhere from $26 to $27 hr so please stop fibbing, I should know I just move out of Merident, Ct to Lorain, Ohio. my son's godmother sister is LPN and her girlfriend just graduate about the time I moved out and she's making 26.00 hr at a hospital. so as for Jessy_R.N she is say the truth about everything including about the state shutting down thier LPN program cause right about that time my wife was excepted into the Surgical Tech program which the same school, but we had moved when she got excepted.
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    I live in northeast tennessee and its so crazy to see all these different salaries. A hospital position for an RN with 13 months expereince pays $18.11. In LTC you can make around $23-24 as an RN.

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