Hopeful Georgia Highlands Fall 2012 RN applicant

  1. Hello all! I am in the process of applying to Georgia Highlands Fall 2012 Nursing program. I am wondering if anyone else is in the same boat? I have all A's and B's in all of pre reqs, 2 Bs and an A in the sciences, which makes me nervous. I also didn't do that well on the TEAS. I got an 81, but did extremely well in the science part of it. I had an 1050 on my SAT'S from back in 2002. I did the worksheet total that they have online, and my score was an 1131. I am wondering if this is enough? But the worksheet does not include the TEAS calculation.

    Any info or comments would be great! I just want to know where I stand
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  3. by   SuperStarRN
    Your stats sound exactly like mine LOL. I just got into the hybrid bridge program which is different but good luck to you!
  4. by   RN1485
    i am also applying for the fall. i have done well in all my prereqs except history/government (i took it freshmen yr and just didn't care about doing well. i was told not to bother with retaking it so i didn't). i didn't do well on my teas either. i emailed someone from the nursing department to find out what the cut off score was and she told me last fall was 940 which gives me hope because even though i didn't do well on the teas and history i still have over 1000. the worksheet score online isn't updated though to include the teas. instead of your sats counting for 20% they will now count for 10% and your teas will count for 10. this is the email reply i got when i asked how to calculate it:
    [font=arial, helvetica]
    "it may be complicated for you to figure or maybe not - but here is how it works:

    math and science scores points weight of subscores
    [color=#009900]>80% 3 science pts x 2
    70-79% 2 math pts x 1
    60-69% 1
    <60% 0

    formula for teas adm score = total pts x 200
    fomula for category iii score: ((sat x 0.10)+(teas adm score x 0.10))

    so, if you score between 70-79% in both areas on the teas, science and math, you would get 2 points for math and 4 points for science since the science points are x 2. that would be a total of 6 points. that is then multiplied by 200 for a total of 1200 points and then you take 10% of that for a score of 120 points for the teas. if you score for the sat was 1000 you would take 10% of that which would be 100 - the two added together would give you a total of 220 points for the teas and sat (category iii)."

    so for the math and science i did not make above 60 so i won't be getting any points for the teas. i'm still hopeful. i hope this helped and wasn't too confusing.
  5. by   southerngrl412
    I am also applying for fall 2012 at Georgia highlands. I tried to do the worksheet online but that was before I knew it has teas score too so I guess I should go back and work that out. But if I did it right I would have had an 1180 before the teas. I am also applying for west ga and ksu. I got an interview from ksu last semester but got waitlisted. I am afraid that is going to happen again this semester. Does anyone know if Georgia highlands has a certain limit for the teas? For west ga you have to take it between July and January and that's the only score they will take.
  6. by   RN1485
    I wouldn't think there would be a limit. Just as long as you get it in with your application (Deadline is April 1st so I would take it soon if you haven't already!). I know it has to be Teas V, but I don't know if they count other attempts or not. I am not 100% sure so I'd call the nursing department.

    Good Luck!
  7. by   southerngrl412
    I took it and made an 80.7 but I wanna try to get higher
  8. by   RN1485
    Yeah that's understandable. I did much lower than that, but they only look at your math and science scores and it's only worth 10% of the entire worksheet score so I'm not gonna stress it.
  9. by   Kvoyles00
    I got in also for the hybrid course! Yay!!! I would like to get your email to ask u Somethings before class starts. But ADEAN214 ur sat has to be less than 5 years old. I took mine in 02 also applied last year didn't get in. Retook it reapplied and got in this year. Best of luck to u
  10. by   SuperStarRN
    Kvoyles I will PM you my e-mail address. There is another girl here too who got into the hybrid bridge program. We have another thread going on here.
  11. by   ADean214
    I just talked to the nursing director and she said that SAT scores do not expire. It doesn't matter how old they are as long as they are an 850 or above.
  12. by   prettymica
    Yes its just your science classes cant be over 5 years old. I used my SAT score from 1997, but I also retook it just to get higher.. my teas score sucked overall but I did very well in the science and math part.. GOOD LUCK! I was accepted into the hybrid program !
  13. by   ADean214
    I'm curious about the hybrid program? What is it, and how is it different? Is it like the accelerated? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!
  14. by   prettymica
    The hybrid program is for students that are already nurses(LPNs) or paramedics we get to skip some of the basics that we already learned in LPN school.. or review them in a shorter time frame.. Some of us will be in class and some of us will have online classes only the first semster.. will eventually bridge in with traditional students at some point.