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Hello all! I am in the process of applying to Georgia Highlands Fall 2012 Nursing program. I am wondering if anyone else is in the same boat? I have all A's and B's in all of pre reqs, 2 Bs and an A... Read More

  1. by   Tfhorne
    I'm on the lower end of that scale 1078. While that's over 100 pts higher than the last two fall admissions I'm still freaking out.... You two will get in for sure!!!!
  2. by   Inkynurse
    So I just called the nursing department and they said letters were being sent out the week of the 18th! Next week! I hope that is correct.
  3. by   hopeful616
    Jennifer I completely understand! My husband picks on me all the time because I worry about EVERYTHING! I think I would lose my mind if I didn't run 3 times a week haha! I keep thinking they'll lose a part of my application or one of my classes won't transfer and dropping my score. GAH!
    Tfhorne that score is good! And you're right- it is much higher than the cutoff for previous years.
    Oh man I hope letters go out next week!!! I told my Lt. I may just have to go home early to read my letter! (Like that would ever be allowed.)

    The crappy thing is we can't post my position opening at work until I get that letter. I am SOO impatient!
  4. by   hopeful616
    Good Morning! I went to new student orientation yesterday, and Eileen Walker said to expect letters today through next Thursday!
  5. by   Inkynurse
    Oh I just can't wait. And now I am going to have to start stalking my mail box. I wonder if that means they have already mailed some letters? I really just want to know. I am so frustrated right now too because I checked my admission status at GHC again today and it went from being "application complete, waiting for review" to "application incomplete". They said they need my Spring 2012 transcripts from CTC to finalize. Well, guess what? I didn't take classes last semester. I called an explained that and was told that they still need a transcript showing I didn't take classes before I could be readmitted. Argh! This is just too nerve wracking for me. This is what I mean when I say I am just so nervous that something will go wrong. I am going to CTC today to get another transcript sent to them, which hopefully will be sent soon - CTC says it can take up to 10 days to "process" a request to have transcripts sent to another school. I really hope this does not affect my chance of acceptance, although I would think not if the decisions have already been made. Even if I get an acceptance letter and I am going to be nervous about giving up my spot in the CTC program for fear that something will go wrong.
  6. by   hopeful616
    Oh gosh! Request your transcript to be send electronically. It goes very quickly that way. I have never seen them take the whole 10 days.
  7. by   hopeful616
    And I completely get the whole paranoia over paperwork thing! Everything will work out at least you got into the CTC program!!! I didn't even apply for the CTC program because I live so far from Austell. Is there a time frame for replying/accepting your admission to CTC program? If so, that may give you time to sort things out with GHC.
  8. by   Inkynurse
    I already had to accept my position to CTC and my orientation is 6/25. If I get in to GHC I will just have to give up my seat at CTC. I just want to be that I am able to go somewhere! Sometimes I think I should just plan on going to CTC because I know all my ducks are in a row there. It is just that GHC is accredited. CTC is seeking accreditation, which I have no doubt they will receive, but I would rest easier knowing for sure. The other thing is the financial aid aspect, which definitely looks better at GHC. I guess I'll just have to wait and find out.
  9. by   hopeful616
    Well I just got an email from Hope Weaver that letters won't be sent out til next week. Why can't everyone get their stories straight??? haha
  10. by   Inkynurse
    I emailed Hope Weaver and got the same response so I won't be stalking my mailbox quite yet. She also said that they were aware that the admissions office was overloaded and running behind and that it would not affect my status! Yay! Can't wait until next week.
  11. by   hopeful616
    Oh good! I can't wait either!!! Please please please let us in!!!!! :bowingpur hahaha
  12. by   hopeful616
    HEY!!!!! I went on highlands website and logged into SCORE. I went to Student Services --> Registration--> Check your registration status and this is what it says: Will you all please check yours to see if ours all says the same thing? My friend's says the same thing, but it lists Cartersville as her campus. We're trying to see if there are any variations so we can tell if this stuff actually means anything!

    Associate Science Nursing
    Undergraduate - semester sys
    Fall Semester 2012
    Transfer Regular
    Fall Semester 2012
    Georgia Highlands College
    Marietta Campus
    Pre-Nursing, Health Sciences
  13. by   Inkynurse
    Mine says the same thing except it says Floyd campus and and admit term and catalog term still says Spring 2012 because they want an updated transcript. I don't know if it means anything at all. When it says Associate Science Nursing under current program it kind of makes you wonder though. Hopefully the waiting will be over soon!