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Hello all! I am in the process of applying to Georgia Highlands Fall 2012 Nursing program. I am wondering if anyone else is in the same boat? I have all A's and B's in all of pre reqs, 2 Bs and an A in the sciences, which makes... Read More

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    Yes its just your science classes cant be over 5 years old. I used my SAT score from 1997, but I also retook it just to get higher.. my teas score sucked overall but I did very well in the science and math part.. GOOD LUCK! I was accepted into the hybrid program !

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    I'm curious about the hybrid program? What is it, and how is it different? Is it like the accelerated? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!
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    The hybrid program is for students that are already nurses(LPNs) or paramedics we get to skip some of the basics that we already learned in LPN school.. or review them in a shorter time frame.. Some of us will be in class and some of us will have online classes only the first semster.. will eventually bridge in with traditional students at some point.
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    I'm applying for GA Highlands for Fall 2012 also
    Eileen Walker told me that we needed to score at least 60% on the Math and 60% on the Science potrions of the TEAS to get points on our admission score. If we score below 60% we don't get points.
    And I think you can only take it once per semester or something, but I'm not sure on that.
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    I took the teas twice within 3 weeks of each other.. Last semester
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    Oh cool! Yeah, I wasn't sure about the TEAS time frame
    That's good news though! I'm not going to take it again any time soon though because A. my application deadline is April 1st and B. that thing was $70 to take! haha
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    Hey everyone! I emailed Hope Weaver who is a nursing admission specialist at Highlands and she told me that in Fall 2010 the accepted scores were 926-1400 and in Fall 2011 accepted scores were 940-1400.
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    Hi everyone. I am applying for fall too. Had 1010 total for math and critical thinking. Have 86 math and 66 in science part. I wrote a computer based TEAS at CTC half way throught the computers went down. i sat for 2 hrs before mine came back. i scored 80's before the computer went off and 60's after. . they couldn't calculate my points when i emailed them ,because they are very busy at this time, but i calculated it as 1117. Hope i get in.
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    Hi everyone! I am applying to Ga Highlands for Fall 2012 as well. I am trying to gather all required documents and wanted some info. For the SAT and TEAS scores, the only option is to send them directly to the college but not specifically to the nursing dept. Am I missing something, or will the admissions dept forward them to the nursing dept? I have been told that for previous college transcripts they need copies sent directly to the nursing dept and am not sure if that applied to the SAT and TEAS scores as well. Please help.
    By the way, score wise for SAT I have a 590 math and 720 verbal. For the TEAS I have a 91 overall and 93 for math and 81 for science. A's in the sciences. I think I have an ok chance getting in as long as I can get everything sent where it is supposed to be.
    Does anyone know when they will send out acceptance letters? I am applying to CTC as well and they will send letters out by April 25th. Ga Highlands is my first choice because of financial aid. I am really going to need to take out loans and CTC does not participate in federal loan programs. I wish they sent letters out at the same time because I would hate to have to accept a position at CTC and then back out if I get accepted at Highlands.
    Good luck to everyone! Waiting is going to be excruciating.
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    I transferred to the Highlands in the Fall and yeah when I sent in my transcripts it gets uploaded to this website called Score and that is where your SAT scores will be posted (cause usually they are included on your transcripts. Atleast mine was. I'd double check). Also when I took the TEAS, I had to go to their website and forward my scores to the college. Same thing happend. They just post your TEAS scores on the SCORE website that the nursing department has access to. I didn't have to send my transcripts to the nursing department b/c they were already in the system by the time I applied. However, if you haven't been accepted yet they suggest you do it to both the college and the nursing department so they can go ahead and start looking at your stuff. Whether you get in all depends on a score system which can be found online. From what I've been told by the nursing department, acceptance letters wont go out till June/July because they wait until spring grades are in before calculating scores. I was looking into CTC as well and I think they are more strict on when you have to have everything in which is why they send out letters early, but since GHC's deadline isn't until April 1st we have to wait a little bit longer.

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