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  1. 0 Hi im new to this board but im in desperate need of help.I am an LPN who recently moved to Atlanta, GA. I am in desperate need of a job. I have never had any trouble getting a job before until now. I have applied with so many companies in the Atlanta area and been on a few interviews, but no job offers yet. I stand very strong in my faith but this is getting very frustrating. Can anyone please offer any contacts, leads, advice or even words of encouragement..I would greatly appreciate it...Thanks
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    You don't say whether you have a current Ga license or not..if you don't, that may be one reason. Another is a large portion of hospitals are moving away from hiring LPN's. If you haven't tried long term care you may want to consider that. Another option, though it's not a fast one, is the VA. You have to apply online at and it takes MONTHS but as long as you have an active license it doesn't have to be from the state of Ga. as this is a Federal job.
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    You also could consider home health or hospice or dialysis. Forget about looking in the Sunday paper..they post little on there now. Go to web sites like those above and the places themselves you are interested in. Some facilities don't advertise their openings other than on their web site.

    Good luck
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    Thanks Marshall1!!

    I did leave out the fact that I do have a Georgia license and many of those websites I have already put in my resume. I have worked in long term care for many years and I did two years at a level one hospital so I wanted to stick with long term care since many hospitals do not hire LPNs and I already applied with the federal government, but I do thank you for your help..I really appreciate it = )
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    Yes LTC's are always hiring for LPNs and so is home health. My favorite site to use is I scored my HH gig from browsing around on
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    Quote from prettymica
    Yes LTC's are always hiring for LPNs and so is home health. My favorite site to use is I scored my HH gig from browsing around on
    Yes indeed is my favorite site too I guess I'm just being impatient..hopefully something will come up..but thanx a lot = )
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    Amedisys home health and UHS Pruitt(LTC, hopsice, home health) are always hiring
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    Thank you I applied with UHS Pruitt and Amedisys..hopefully I will here something soon.
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    If you don't mind Psych -Peachford Hospital hires LPNs