Gwinnett Tech Nursing Program 2012 kaplan exam - page 8

Hey guys I have to take my kaplan exam next week thursday! :( yeaaaa freaking out! how was the exam for those that already took it?... Read More

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    blessed78, please, do not be discouraged! I know you and you are one of the most intelligent and sweetest person I know. You had a lot going on leading up to your taking the exam... I truly believe and pray it will happen for you. Wish I can give you a big hug...
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    Thanks seventyseven77. Will try not to......
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    ]If we use the formula madsmom provided, your score is higher than mine. I have a 84 and you have an 85. Having a 4.0 GPA helps a lot. So if I still have hope, you should too.
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    Kamecee, what is the formula??
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    It's 2.5 for every .1 grade. So 3.0 is 75, 3.1 is 77.5 etc. Then you add that to the KAPLAN score. Take the sum divide by 2.
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    So mine was 92.5 + 75. Divide by 2 and got the 84. Technically 83.7. But if its only whole numbers they look at, would be 84.
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    A lady from another post provided the formula to me.
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    Kamecee, got it, thank you!. I got an 82, probably not enough. Wonder what the average is.
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    Welcome. I am pretty sure the average is a low B or even a high C. I know its not an A.
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    Thats a lot of info Kamecee. thanks
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    yep, that's right. If 100/100 score you are looking at 4.0 would equal 100 + the Kaplan divided by2=your score. 100+69=169/2= 84.5. So blessed you aren't out of the game yet. Just depends on what the rest of the applicants pull in.
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    hello classmates. I am a pre nursing at GTC, as well. I took the Kaplan yesterday. My GPA is 3.7, and I made a 77 on the test. It really wasn't that bad. The science section was just...random. I am feeling hopeless, so I guess just wait and see what happens huh. Congrats to all of you who have made it this far. May the odds be with us, good luck!

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