Gwinnett Tech Nursing Program 2012 kaplan exam - page 8

Hey guys I have to take my kaplan exam next week thursday! :( yeaaaa freaking out! how was the exam for those that already took it?... Read More

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    Kamecee, it's really ok. Another reader was kind enough to send me the email, but thank you so much anyway. I don't feel ready at all to take the exam!!! I have not been able to focus on the Kaplan as much as I would have liked... I am currently taking four classes. But, I will try my best come Thursday. Thanks again for what you have posted here, it's been extremely helpful.

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    Math is simple. Reading is reading. Whether you study or not or not most likely you will come out with the same grade. Writing... No way to study for that. The examples in the book are not accurate. Science... Study your AP2 lecture notes. The study guide only touches the surface, some questions are in depth. But do not panic. If you feel you know enough, most likely you will do well sweety. Just do not stress it. Please...just relax, breath, and eat well. You will kick butt. :-)
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    seventyseven....gud lukkkkkkkk!! you will do great!!
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    @kamecee, @smiths2n, Thanks guys, for your support!!!!! Congrats on your scores, btw. You guys did well!
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    @Smith feel a little better?
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    Kameceeeeeeeeee yes I do ...just a tad bit though lol still extremely nervous man...tanks for asking! really appreciate that!
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    what was the writing like? sentence structure and such or what? Thanks in advance!
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    Quote from DeviMak
    what was the writing like? sentence structure and such or what? Thanks in advance!
    Yes, sentence structure. You would have to read the passage then decide where a sentence they provide to you would fit the best. Verb agreement, punctuation etc.
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    Ok. Cool. I actually have the McGraw-Hill Nursing entrance study book too and there are things like that in there. I wonder why they would have it on the Kaplan if it isn't in the study guide?!
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    Exactly my thoughts.. Also, just studying the AP in the Kaplan book will not help. Study with your AP2 lecture book, the physiology section.

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