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    I took the Kaplan this morning and scored a 79 My GPA is average so I do not know if that is going to be enough.
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    What's your GPA, I have a 3.7 and made a 75. So you actually did well.
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    HI Me!

    That is a great score! Even if you have a mid 3's GPA...remember they both count for 50%.... I got mid seventies and have a 4.0 so I'm sitting right in the middle... Try not to stress over it, k?

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    Does anyone actually know how our scores are calculated? I mean I know they are 50% GPA and 50% Kaplan score but are they converted into points?

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    I'm almost positive that the GPA and the test scores are converted into a point system. They plug em in...and there you have it....they'll take the top 60 students.
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    I have a 3.5 kamecee, so I was really hoping to get in the 80's.

    Thanks Kiki! I will try not to stress, but I don't know if I will be able to stick to it, haha! I wish I knew how they assigned the points in the 50/50 equation.
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    I emailed Saadi and asked her how do they assign the points. Waiting for reply.
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    Thanks Kamecee! That would be awesome information if she is able to explain it to you
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    Is the deadline for fall 2012, June 1st?
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    The deadline was Jan 15.

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